Best Bamboo Steamer Basket 2021: Top Picks Used & Reviewed

Best Bamboo Steamer Basket

Artistic Bamboo Steamers for Bao, Broccoli, and More: If you are searching out a fat-unfastened cooking solution, then appearance no further than the bamboo steamer! Not simplest does steaming your food mean you may prepare dinner it without including any fat; steamed food also keeps most of its color and texture, and possibly greater importantly extra of its nutrients when in comparison to different cooking methods.

In this review, we look in element at Best Bamboo Steamer Basket, along with what you need to recollect when selecting one and a way to put together or ‘season’ a bamboo steamer before using it for the first time. We also look at a number of the foods you could cook dinner in the steamer, as nicely as a way to smooth it after use. To assist you to choose a steamer, we additionally offer reviews of quite a number the best.

Top 9 Best Bamboo Steamer Basket 2021

1. Joyce Chen 26-0013 Bamboo Set Steamer:

Highlighted Features
  • A herbal bamboo steamer with tiers
  • Designed through well-known restaurateur Joyce Chen
  • 10″ diameter and it stands 6″ high
  • Comes presented in a gift container
  • Steaming papers may be purchased from the producer

The Joyce Chen two-tier bamboo steamer (26-0013) has been designed through the well-known restaurateur Joyce Chen, who opened her first restaurant in Massachusetts lower back in 1958. This is a 10″ diameter steamer basket which stands 6″ excessive; ideal for using interior a wok or over a stockpot which has a diameter inches larger than the steamer.

It also comes in a gift field and you may purchase steaming papers/basket liners from the manufacturer to fit this steamer. The stackable baskets are crafted from woven bamboo and the domed lid at the steamer acts to entice in moisture. This needs to be hand-washed in water and allowed to dry out earlier than setting away.

The odd purchaser has commented that this steamer has a scent with it which can take the time to put on off and as a herbal bamboo steamer, there is a threat of a few peeling or herbal movement with the bamboo.

  • Two-tier
  • Pure bamboo steamer
  • 10″ diameter
  • Comes gift boxed
  • Basket liners available
  • It may take some time for the smell to put on off the steamer
  • There is a danger of some peeling or herbal movement of the bamboo

2. Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen 10″ Bamboo Steamer:




Highlighted Features
  • This is a two-tier herbal bamboo steamer
  • Has a tightly woven construction
  • 10″ in diameter and stands 7.5″ high
  • Includes instructions and a recipe booklet

The two-tier bamboo steamer basket is tightly woven and built to live steam certain faster cooking. This -tier steamer stands 7.5″ excessive and also comes with a guidance and recipe booklet.

This has to be hand-washed with none dish soap and allowed to air dry. Some customers have commented that this will have a smell to it and others were disenchanted with the high-quality of this as in some cases it has been received without the lid being able to match properly. This can also be harder to deal with than other bamboo steamers.

  • Two-tier
  • Pure bamboo steamer
  • 10″ diameter
  • Includes instructions and recipes
  • Some customers had been disenchanted in the first-class of this
  • There is a hazard that the lid might not fit properly
  • The bamboo may be rougher than different steamers

3. VonShef Premium 2 Tier Bamboo Steamer:

Highlighted Features
  • A conventional and woven bamboo steamer with stainless-steel bands for durability
  • The steamer additionally comes with 50 wax basket liners and two pairs of chopsticks
  • This two-tier steamer is 10″ diameter

The VonShef -tier bamboo steamer kit includes a top-rate two-tier steamer, 50 wax steaming papers, and pairs of chopsticks. The bamboo steamer is of route woven and has chrome steel bands around the baskets for extra power and sturdiness.

Some shoppers had been dissatisfied with the quality of the steamer baskets and determined they can be liable to developing mold even when cleaned and stored properly. You may additionally find the baskets aren’t pretty as deep as other bamboo steamers.

  • Two-tier steamer
  • Includes papers
  • 10″ diameter
  • Steel banded for durability
  • Maybe susceptible to going moldy even if stored well
  • Some don’t forget the baskets are not as deep as other bamboo steamers

4. Mister Kitchenware 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer:


Highlighted Features
  • Bamboo steamer with a 10″ diameter
  • Traditional layout with slatted bases and woven and domed lid
  • The kit also consists of 10 reusable basket liners, a sauce dish and pair of chopsticks
  • It comes with a 60-day money-again guarantee

Including 10 reusable steaming liners, sauce dish, and pair of chopsticks, the Mister Kitchenware -tier bamboo steamer package additionally comes with a conventional bamboo steamer. The steamer is a 10″ diameter steamer with traditional slatted bases on its baskets and a woven and domed lid. This also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

There can be a chance of the lid now not fitting nicely at the steamer which prevents it from sealing properly and the odd customer has observed that this will increase mold pretty soon after purchase. Some owners have also located the reusable liners that can handiest arise to mild washing after use.

  • Two-tier
  • Traditional bamboo
  • 10″ diameter
  • Includes reusable liners
  • Money-again guarantee
  • May start to turn moldy quite soon after purchase
  • The reusable liners will simplest tolerate gentle washing
  • Some buyers have obtained lids that don’t in shape nicely onto the steamer

5. Hcooker Three Tier Bamboo Steamer:

Highlighted Features
  • Traditional bamboo steam with stainless steel bands for durability
  • Available in a range of diameters, this has three tiers
  • Includes three cotton basket liners that are reusable

These are available in a range of diameters, the Hcooker three-tier bamboo steamer is a traditional steamer with a woven lid, but this also has stainless steel bands on the edges of the basket and the lid to improve its sturdiness and durability. This steamer also comes with thee reusable cotton liners. As this does have metal banding it is more expensive than other three-tier bamboo steamers

  • Three-tier
  • Available in different diameters
  • Steel banded
  • Includes reusable liners
  • Is more expensive than other three-tier bamboo steamers due to the metal banding
  • As a three-tier steamer, it will take longer to cook foods

6. Happy Sales HSST-BMB08, Three Piece 8 Inch Bamboo Steamer:

Highlighted Features
  • A two-tier bamboo steamer
  • Traditionally designed with a domed woven lid
  • 8″ diameter

The Happy Sales two-tier bamboo steamer (HSST-BMB08) is an 8″ diameter steamer ideal for smaller works or stockpots, although the odd buyer has commented that this may need a steamer ring to work well in smaller pots. This is a traditional steamer with a woven domed lid to keep steam in.

Some buyers consider this is often a bit too small and there’s an opportunity that you simply could also be disappointed with the standard of this particular bamboo steamer.

  • Two-tier
  • Traditional style
  • 8″ diameter
  • Woven domed lid
  • Some buyers consider this 8″ bamboo steamer to be too small
  • May need a steamer ring in smaller pots
  • The quality may not be as good as you would expect

7. Hcooker Three Tier Bamboo Steamer:

Highlighted Features
  • A traditional style bamboo steamer with a woven lid
  • This is a larger three-tier steamer
  • Includes three cotton liners that can be reused
  • This is available in a range of diameters

Hcooker 3 tier bamboo steamer is available in a range of diameters up to 12″ and is a traditional style bamboo steamer with a woven lid to keep moisture in. This should be hand washed only and allowed to dry naturally. These steamers also come with three reusable cotton liners.

As you can buy this is various diameters, do check that the one you want is the correct size as some are very small and will only be suitable for steaming single buns.

  • Three-tier steamer
  • Traditional style
  • Various diameters
  • Includes reusable liners
  • Some sizes are very small, so do double check your diameter measurement before ordering
  • Will take food longer to cook if all three baskets are used

8. Zoie + Chloe 100% Natural Bamboo Steamer:


Highlighted Features
  • The traditional steamer made from 100% bamboo
  • Available with an 8″ or 10″ diameter
  • This also comes with two cotton reusable liners

The Zoie + Chloe two-tier bamboo steamer is a traditional steamer to hold in moisture during cooking. Made from 100% bamboo, this is available as an 8″ or 10″ diameter steamer. This also comes with two reusable cotton liners. Some buyers have been disappointed with the durability of this steamer and the odd buyer has received this steamer without the reusable liners.

  • Two-tier
  • 8″or 10″ diameter
  • 100% bamboo
  • Two reusable liners
  • There is a risk that you may receive this steamer without the reusable liners
  • Some buyers have not been impressed with the quality of this steamer

9. Flexzion Bamboo Steamer Basket Set:



Highlighted Features
  • A steamer kit that includes an 8″ or 10″ diameter bamboo steamer
  • Traditional style steamer with a bamboo woven top
  • The steamer has stainless steel bands for extra durability and strength
  • Also comes with 50 perforated liners and two pairs of chopsticks

The Flexzion tow tier bamboo steamer kit is available with an 8″ or 10″ diameter steamer. The traditional steamer is made from bamboo and has a woven top with stainless steel banding around the edges for strength and durability. This also comes with 50 perforated basket parchment basket liners and two pairs of chopsticks.

There is a small risk of receiving this steamer with some damage and as a banded steamer, this is made with other materials, rather than just natural bamboo.

  • Steamer kit
  • Two-tier
  • 8″ or 10″ diameter
  • Steel banded
  • Includes parchment liners
  • Not all buyers are keen on buying a steamer with metal banding
  • There is a risk of receiving this steamer kit with shipping damage

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Verdict: Best Bamboo Steamer Basket

Steaming is a moist-heat cooking method that can cook food in an enclosed environment by surrounding it with hot vapor. When foods are cooked in this way, it allows the color, flavor, texture, and more of the nutrition to remain in the steamed foods. When we steam food, there is no need to add any fat to it for cooking which also makes it a very healthy cooking method.

Steaming also reduces the risk of overcooking food and in fact, a steamer ensures that foods such as bao remain fluffy and light.

A bamboo steamer can be used to cook a wide range of foods such as vegetables, fish and seafood, chicken, steak, tofu, dumplings, bao, and much more. You can also steam rice if you pre-soak for an hour or so before cooking and a steamer makes a handy warmer for foods such as tortillas.

In this article, we have looked in detail at best bamboo steamers basket, including how long these have been around for, as well the importance of the basket liner and just what you should consider when selecting a new bamboo steamer. We have also briefly touched on bamboo itself and why it is becoming such an important sustainable resource. If you are new to bamboo steamers then we trust that this article has given you enough information to not only choose the best bamboo steamer for fat-free and nutritious cooking but also how to prepare it for use, use it and clean it up afterward!

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