Best Bocce Ball Set 2021: Top Picks for Backyard & Classic Game

Best Bocce Ball Set

Durable Bocce ball Sets in 2021: When you like playing bocce, you have to get the best bocce ball set irrespective of your skills or age. The bocce balls come in packs with a total of eight balls in most cases plus a pillion ball and measuring device. Apart from this, the balls have been made using the best quality of materials; hence will serve for years. You can use the bocce balls for playing in the backyard, beach, lawn, or any other suitable place. The storage and portability of these balls is never a problem since they come with quality carrying cases.

When you wish to invest in the best bocce ball set, there are several considerations you need to look out for. Some of these include the carrying case, number of balls, material, versatility, price, and warranty.

Top 10 Best Bocce Ball Set for Backyard & Classic Tournament Play

1. Living Better Now Bocce Ball Set:

This is a perfect set of bocce ball set you will find suitable for prolonged use. The balls have been designed from high-density polymer resin and then finished in vintage. This implies that they are highly durable balls in the long term. Apart from this, the set provides you with up to eight balls of 133mm sizes. More interestingly, it also provides you with a petanque type of ball. For easy portability to any given place, the pack comes in a vintage wooden carrying case with a comfortable handle. This also allows for convenient storage of the balls.

What is more, the pack also contains a single 60mm Pallino scoring jack you will find great for your gaming needs. The balls are efficient for kids aged from 7 years and above.

  • Suits kids from 7 years of age
  • Highly durable balls
  • Elegant vintage finish
  • Relatively costly

2. St Pierre Sports Professional Bocce Set:


Here is a professional set of bocce balls that you will find great for your gaming needs. The set provides you with a wide range of balls in different colors including green, red, and yellow. The pack contains a total of none quality balls that comprise of 8 bocce balls and a single pallino. They are versatile balls that you can use at the backyards, beaches, and senior leagues and competitors.

Moreover, the bocce balls are easily portable to different places thanks to the quality bag. This also makes it easy to keep the balls safely. Other than this, they offer a better balance and precision roundness. They have been designed from the highest quality of resin materials; hence the best picks to try out

  • Great for use in different places
  • They are convenient to store
  • Easily portable
  • Got large chips

3. Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set:

The number of bocce balls in the pack is a consideration you need to check out before making the purchase. Here is a pick that provides you with a total of eight quality resin balls. The balls have sizes of 107mm and also includes 50mm white pillion, which is the target ball. That said, the balls are made to serve for years and with the ergonomic carrying bag, you can use them in different places.

The good news is that they are wide applicable balls that you can use in the backyard or for league competitions. Lastly, they are affordable balls that will suit your budget.

  • Widely applicable units
  • Made for years of services
  • Come in different colors
  • May arrive damaged

4. Franklin Sports Bocce Ball Set:

The Franklin Sports Bocce Ball Set is a perfect set of bocce balls that you can’t afford to miss. The pack provides you with the best quality of balls that you can use at the beach, backyard, or any other outdoor party game. Besides this, keeping and carrying the balls is never a problem thanks to the larger portable carrying case. The good news is that they have been made from sturdy and rugged material for prolonged use. Due to this, you will find them appropriate for recreational games.

Also, the bocce balls are of different colors and have sizes of 90mm plus a Pallino of 50mm. Since they are weather dependent, you will find them very convenient for use during all seasons.

  • Are all-weather dependable
  • Comes ready to play
  • Convenient to store
  • Relatively heavyweight

5. SeaTurtle Sports Beach Bocce Ball Set:


When looking for the best bocce ball set you can use at the beach, then here is an exceptional selection to try out. The balls are rustproof and suits use during all seasons. Apart from this, the balls come in a durable canvas carrying bag, which makes both portability and storage a breeze. The petanque sized balls have sizes of 74mm, which makes them perfect for all users.

Because of the quality tough synthetic polymer used for the construction, they are highly durable balls that’s you never want to miss. The pack provides you with a total of 8 balls in four different colors; hence an exceptional pick to give a try.

  • Last a lifetime
  • Suits most outdoor games
  • Rustproof balls
  • Kind of costly

6. EastPoint Sports Resin Bocce Ball Set:


Designed from the highest quality of resin material, these are highly durable bocce balls that will serve for years. The pack of 10 provides you with a measuring tape, one pallino, and eight bocce balls in two colors. second, to this, the balls come in a high-quality carry caddy, which makes it convenient to take the balls to any given place.

In addition to this, they are also chip-resistant balls of 110mm size. Due to this, you will find them great for long-term use. You can use them in the backyard, beach, or outdoor games.

  • Compact and easy to store
  • Serves for seasons
  • Suits both casual and competitive players
  • Some may split sooner

7. Baden Bocce Ball Set:


When you need to use the bocce balls in different places, always consider a pack that comes with a carrying case. This pack comes in a high-quality carrying case; hence easily portable. Apart from this, the balls are also designed in different colors of red and green. Each ball has a size of 107mm and a single pillion of 60mm. You also get a 5-feet measuring tape.

The good news is that the balls are widely applicable since they can be used for family picnics, social events, and yard games. Made from poly-resin material, they are highly durable and rugged balls for extended performances.

  • Highly versatile balls
  • You can easily carry them
  • Last for years
  • Doesn’t come with all item

8. GoSports 90mm Bocce Ball Set:


Do you need the best bocce balls set that will serve you better? In case you do, this is a great pack with eight quality balls. Due to the premium built from the best quality of resin, the balls are highly durable and serves during all seasons. Moreover, the balls are also in four different colors, which make them attractive. The eight premium balls have sizes of 90mm and also included 40mm white Pallino plus a measuring tape.

This bocce ball set comes with eight balls in four different colors – red, blue, green, and yellow. Each color comes in two different designs – circle cut and square cut.

What’s great about this set is that you have the option to choose between two materials depending on how (and where) you’re going to use the balls. The soft rubber material is ideal for play on hard surfaces, while the classic hard resin set is best for soft surfaces. There’s about a $5 difference between the two, with the rubber balls being slightly more expensive.

The set also includes a pallino, a canvas bag, and a measuring rope. At 1lb 11 oz each, these balls are of mid-range weight and are perfect for casual play. Plus, they’re not too heavy for kids either. Another factor we considered is the quality of the service you receive after purchasing the set. According to reviews, the GoSports team offers excellent after-sales service and offers prompt replacements for missing or broken items.

It’s important to note that these balls are not regulation size, as mentioned earlier. However, smaller balls are ideal for kids, seniors, and beginners as they are easier to handle. With that said this set still offers excellent performance and serves the purpose for casual games. There’s also the fact that the color coating scratches and fades easily, but that doesn’t really have an impact on gameplay.

  • A cost-effective pack
  • Designed to last
  • Made in varied colors
  • Not suitable for professional play
  • Flimsy carrying bag, which doesn’t come with padding, sections, or reinforcements
  • Color fades easily

9. AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set:


AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set comes with quality bocce balls that are suited for 14 years and above. The bocce balls are full-size balls of 90mm each. Second, to this, the balls are also highly durable since they have been made using the best quality of poly-resin material. This also brings about long-lasting strength and performances. More interestingly, the balls are eight in number with four red and four green balls. Besides this, you also get a measuring tape and a white pillion ball.

Equipped with a black carrying bag, the balls are easily portable to different places. They are widely applicable for you can use them for most outdoor games.

  • Widely applicable
  • Easy to transport
  • Provides different ball colors
  • Some never last

10. Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set:



These are quality balls, which are damaged and crack resistant. This is because they have been designed from high-quality poly-resin material, which makes them unbreakable. Other than this, the bocce balls provide you with both red and green balls four each. Again, you get two 3.5-inches diameter scoring patterns. With this set of bocce balls, you will find it a breeze to play at the beach, yard, or barbeque party.

Carrying and storage of the balls are very simple as the set provides you with a carrying bag. They are also all-weather resistant balls that you can use during all seasons. What is more, the pack is cost-effective despite containing quality and durable bocce balls.

  • Damage and crack resistant balls
  • Ideal for long-term use
  • Easily portable
  • Not suitable for professional play
  • The bag is too flimsy
  • Tends to scratch easily

Verdict: Which is the Best Bocce Ball Set? 

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For all the best bocce balls sets available on the market, the above bocce ball reviews will give several options to choose from. They are categorized by size, the number of balls also materials among others. The set provides you with various numbers of balls even though most of them come with eight balls in different colors. Besides this, they are easily portable units that come in high-quality carrying bags.

Because of this, you will find them convenient for use in different places. Also, the balls have been made from different materials like poly-resin and much more, making them resistant to cranks and damage. They are widely applicable balls, they are all-weather dependable. This implies that they can be used at the beach, lawn, backyard, and any other ideal place. Get any of these affordable bocce balls sets today and they will suit your gaming needs.

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