Best Chicken Coop Ideas: Easy & Stylish Ideas for Backyard

Best Chicken Coop Ideas

Chicken Coop Ideas That Are Perfect for Your Country Living: If you want your chicken to be antibiotics free and your eggs to be farm fresh, then think about getting your own flock of chickens. When you see farmers raising chicks, chicken coop ideas might look like a lot of work. But in reality, raising chicken is sometimes easier than having a pet and with a lot of benefits. Also, raising chicken is now more reassuring due to the latest major egg recall incident. After starting with one or two chickens, you will understand that from chicken meat and eggs to chicken poops how everything benefits you in different ways.

Nonetheless, everyone doesn’t have the luxury of owning a farm or a large yard necessary for a flock of chickens. So it is necessary for you to do some research on elevated chicken coop as chickens need adequate room to roam around. If you have a smaller size backyard, here are the perfect chicken cage ideas for you to get started with. 

Top 11 Best Chicken Coop Ideas for Backyard:

1. Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop:


Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop

Farmhouse style chicken coops are just what your chicken requires to lay their eggs. These coops are exactly like what we see around the farmer’s house, only smaller in size. Farmhouse style chicken coops made with industrial hardware or cedarwood will look wonderful beside a modern cottage. Make sure the house is well secured, and your chickens are getting the right light and temperature necessary for them.

2. Cabinet Chicken Coop:


Cabinet Chicken Coop

Cabinet chicken coop is one of the best-repurposed chicken coop ideas. We all have that large old cupboard sitting idle in the corner of our house with no use for it. Well, it can be very useful if you can recycle it into a chicken coop. Just repair it the way you need, add some partisan and windows, and there it is. A perfect chicken coop for your cute little chicks. The cabinet’s small drawers can be used for storing poultry feed, eggs, and soils. While the larger compartments can be used as homes for chickens. If you plan on keeping this coop outdoor, then considering the safety of the chickens, you can add some magnets to the door or surround it with pointed picket fences.

3. Barn Style Chicken Coop:


Barn Style Chicken Coop

In a country setting, the Barn style chicken coop will look great on your property. On the other hand, it will make your whole farming process a lot easier with its Roosting Bars, Latched Doors, ventilation system, and easy assembly process. This is considered the ideal home for the chickens as it has enough space and provides the right environment for your chicken coop to dry. Most importantly, the making of this chicken coop is really easy and just a matter of hours.

4. A-frame Chicken Coop:


A-frame chicken coop

An A-frame chicken coop is a small triangle shaped hen house made with cedar-wood or pressure pressed wood and some wire. If you are an amateur builder and don’t want to spend dollars over professional builders, then an A-frame style chicken coop is definitely one of the best chicken coop ideas for you. With the proper plan and right carpentry techniques, you can build the coop just in one weekend. This coop is generally very lightweight, so you can move it around according to your need. But be very careful about predators with A-frame chicken coops. One way to keep the predators out is to use portable electric poultry fences, or you can just bring it inside in the night time.

5. Portable coop On Wheels:


Portable coop On Wheels

As a small-scale chicken farmer, you will get the most benefit from a portable chicken coop on wheels. A mobile chicken coop will allow you to move it anywhere where the chicken will be able to play around in an open field and run free to forage for food. Also, with this coop, you won’t have to worry about your chickens as they will be well protected from predators and prevented from ruining the garden of neighbors.  While a portable coop with wheels has plenty of benefits, it is a bit costly and time-consuming to set up. But there are several ready-made versions of them available for you to choose from within your budget.

6. Cozy Coop in a Row:


Cozy Coop in a Row

With space issues, you can make small-sized cozy quarters where your chickens can get adequate room to stretch out their feathers. A full-grown chicken needs at least ten square feet of space to spend the night comfortably. Keeping that in mind, make separate coops in a row for each one of them. But to keep your chicken healthy, happy, and productive, make sure you give them enough daylight and space to roam freely in the daytime.

7. Playhouse Turned Chicken Coop:


Cozy Coop in a Row

One of the easiest repurposed chicken coop ideas is turning your old playhouse into a chicken coop. If you have the desire to set up an attractive chicken coop and to save money at the same time, then this chicken coop DIY plan is for you. First, repair your playhouse exactly the way you need it for the chickens. then build a strong platform for the house so it wouldn’t be blown away even in a storm. You can use the small drawer as a nesting box for the chickens and also for storing the feeds and eggs. But always make sure there are an easy ventilation system and a suitable temperature inside the coop.

8. Modern Style:


Modern Style

If you do not have budget issues and focusing on a stylish looking coop, then there are a variety of options available nowadays. These modern coops are generally made of vinyl, galvanized welded wire, or even with bricks and concretes.  There are different sizes, shapes, and colors as well. Doom shaped, cube-shaped, egg-shaped, and small duplex is the most popular ones.

9. Chicken Coop with Vintage Appeal:


Chicken Coop with Vintage Appeal

To give your chicken coops an authentic vintage appeal, you can go for the tin-shaded chicken coops with wooden walls and strawy surface. That is how the chicken coops used to be hundreds of years ago. This chicken coop idea is really easy to put together because it’s made out of only two to three materials which you will easily find in your garage.

10. Charm-Packed Colorful Chicken Coop:


Charm-Packed Colorful Chicken Coop

Like us, a chicken coop is a home for the chickens where they spend much of their time.  So as a chicken farmer considering the health of your chicken, you should make the coop as colorful and charming as you can. You can add any of the decorative elements according to your preferences. Also, you can paint the coop with some bright color, which will give it a nice playful vibe at the same time your yard will look more graceful.

11. Cottage Style Chicken Coop:


Cottage Style Chicken Coop

A house in the bay area or a countryside chicken coop, cottage style, will never go out of fashion.  Cottage style chicken coops are very popular due to their versatile styling and exceptional protection for the chickens.  Depending on your taste, you can build a small vintage looking coop or a specious fancy one using this design. You can choose any kind of roofing, flooring, and coloring option while building a coop. There are many ready-made cottage style coops available in the market for you to choose from, or you can make it yourself following DIY plans.

Conclusion: Easy Best Chicken Coop Ideas 

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Hopefully, the above-mentioned chicken coop ideas will help you set up your desired coops and start farming. Once your little coop is in good shape, you can bring your cute little feathered friend home. But it is quite important to know about different types of breeds before purchasing them, or your all effort can go in vain. Make sure you buy the right chickens, make a proper coop for them, feed them well, and give them enough room to roam around and start your healthy living.

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