Best Desert Landscape Ideas 2021: Heat Up Your Backyard Look

Best Desert Landscape Ideas

Unique Desert Landscape Ideas for Arid Regions: People living in the southwestern region are particularly concerned about the desert landscape due to the unsuitable climate and low humidity of the area. These areas have the highest temperature and scarce water due to the little rainfall throughout the year. While arid regions are not suitable homes for plants and greens, there are certain types of landscape design and specific plants that allow the landscape to flourish, incorporating the beauty of an arid region.

Nowadays, desert landscaping is not as challenging as before. With proper knowledge and planning and desert landscape ideas, you can achieve a sparkling, lively garden in no time in desert areas as well. Living in an arid area surely limits your options for gardening, but if you plan accordingly and choose native plants that blossom in this environment, you can make a beautiful natural desert landscape.

There are three key factors to create a dynamic desert landscape and accomplish a pleasing look at your front and back yard. First, one is scaling the components of landscaping, second, choosing the color according to the area, and lastly, deciding on the shape of your plants. If you follow and implement these three factors jointly, you’ll have gorgeous modern desert landscaping within the shortest time and little maintenance.

The following ideas for desert landscaping ideas will guide you through every little detail you need to know about selecting materials, irrigating process, choosing plants, and other services ideal for a desert landscape.

Top 9 Best Desert Landscape Ideas for your Backyard:

1. Modern courtyard garden:

Contemporary courtyard gardening is the best example of desert landscaping in a very small space. With the least maintenance, you can have a modish relaxing corner in your lawn with this desert landscape front yard idea. First, gather around some native and well-suited plants of different sizes and shapes which go with your house. Explore your creativity while choosing plants of different colors. Layer the plants according to size, shape, and color, just the way you like it. Conferring to the size of the plot, you can plant some trees as well, considering the height difference.

2. Cactus contrast:

Planting cactus in your garden is a great way to spice it up with some variation. When you live in a dry environment, gardening options are surely very limited. That doesn’t always mean that your front yard has to be plain and bland. You can paint a colorful background with orange, red, or blue color and contrast it with some deep green cactus just in front of it. The vibrant will surely help the unique design of the cactus to pop and make the yard eye-catching will minimal effort. Desert landscaping is so much more than planting some cacti in a row or circle if you know your way around it.

3. Consider the layer of Mulch:

As the desert landscapes mostly have rocky and sandy soil, breaking the ground and creating a bed for gardening is quite challenging. Mulch is a layer of material used for improving soil fertility and conserving soil moisture. While dealing with your inhospitable soil conditions, mulch can also enhance the visual appeal of your yard. Layer some mulch of different colors around your patio or Plant some mulch in a small clay pot and lay them in a row alongside your walkway, and transform the scenario instantly.

4. Mix it Up:

The easiest desert landscape idea to make it charming and vibrant is to play with different plants. You live in a desert area, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your front yard should be bland. Mixing up plants of different shapes, sizes, and colors is the easiest way to add visual interest to your garden landscape. Do your research, gather around some cactus, mulch, colorful succulents, and place them in patterns to decorate your front and back yard.

5. Shades of Succulents:

While searching for desert landscaping ideas, you might think there is not much of a color variation. If you want your garden to be vibrant, then think out of the box and go for succulents. There is an array of colorful succulents of different shades found in the nurseries. Not just the shades of greens, succulents found in purple, blue, peach, and orange color as well. Over the years’ succulents have become very popular in the southwestern region due to their wide availability, extensive variety, and easy maintenance. Though it is found almost everywhere nowadays, for selective variability, you may search online suppliers worldwide.

6. Plant dwarf palm:

You cannot make an immense desert garden if you don’t have the luxury of a wide yard. Conferring to the size and condition of your land, proper planning should be done before jumping into landscaping. Small areas sometimes get neglected due to their less suitability for landscaping. But you can make your small lawn flourish with greenery if you know just the way around it.

Firstly, you can eliminate the ground-level plants that occupy a larger area. Dwarf palm is a perfect solution in that case to celebrate your small space. Plant some palm trees in a row according to the size of your lawn and decorate the ground with some colored pebbles and lively mulch. This simple design will give your landscape a uniquely modern look in no time.

7. Embellish with Ornaments:

While planning on landscaping, people often go so traditional thinking about all the variation of the plant while overlooking other shortcuts ways to enhance the beauty of the garden. Landscaping can be more exclusive when you add some elements to show off your personality. Ornamenting your garden doesn’t mandatorily have to be extravagant. It can be an old rusty wagon wheel, a piece of driftwood, or even a skull to give it authenticity. Make sure you do not use too many of them to avoid the kitschy look.

8. Chessboard style rock garden:

If you want to create an eye-catching garden within a low budget, then consider playing with pebbles while landscaping. The chessboard-style rock garden is rarely seen in desert landscapes. You can make it only with two types of pebbles and some plants for decoration.

First, draw the pattern outline on the ground, pick up some pebbles of black and white color, and lay them out in a checkered formation following the outline like a chessboard. Once you are done filling with pebbles, then you can add some potted plants on each corner, and your fancy desert landscape is ready.

9. Brighten up with lights:

Installing lights in your garden instantly gives life to it. Sometimes your wonderful desert landscaping front yard goes unnoticed due to the lack of lighting. Not only will the lights bring out the utmost beauty to your garden, but they will also add a mood to your house and make it lively. There are various types of lighting available, but the tricky part here is to find out which one will work for you.

Nowadays, solar lights are gaining popularity because of their long service life and cost-effectiveness. You can use them as string lights, hanging lanterns, spotlights by tying them up with branches of trees or around the trunks. However, use your creativity while decorating your garden with lights and make your house shine at night.

Conclusion: Best Desert Landscape Ideas 2021

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A desert landscape design plan is always within reach, whether you are going for a simple cozy garden or a fancy landscape. Do proper research, pick up the native plant, stick to minimal and artistic decoration, and most importantly, follow the above-mentioned desert landscape ideas, and you will never go wrong with landscaping.

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