Best Forstner Bits for Woodworking 2021: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Forstner Bit for Woodworking

Top-Notch Forstner Bits– Review with Sharpen Tips: All craftsmen are in need of the best Forstner bits they can find in order to place secure holes on wooden surfaces. Before the invention of the Forstner bits, they were forced to use the regular saw to open holes on wooden parts. This could impose severe limitations on their precision ability and their easiness of performing such tasks. Most of them were afraid of taking such jobs since they weren’t sure about the results. The technological innovation that came into their life with the wider use of the Forstner bits offered a unique ability to drill holes in wooden objects respecting their finish and quality of wood.

These bits are precisely cleaned, and round-shaped to produce a perfect hole and give the impression of a professional job done by woodworkers. The Forstner bits tools are easy to obtain and quite affordable these days. You can always carry them with you since they are lightweight enough. There is always the chance to work overhead with them and drill holes to any possible wooden surfaces without the need to bring them to your lab.

Top 6 Best Best Forstner Bits for Woodworking

1. PORTER-CABLE Forstner Bit Set:


  • Plastic case for secure carry on
  • Bits made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Rust free for your ease
  • Can adjust to any kind of external drill
  • Bits having flat bottom for better application

A great case of Forstner bits that can accompany you to most of your outdoor activities. The bits are made of quality stainless steel metal that is durable to weather conditions and cannot be magnetized or bent by any means. They are securely helped into the plastic hard case that is offered complimentary to the product purchase. There is also a transparent upper-case screen where you can see the available spare bits in the case of choosing the right one for your task. Not to mention, that they can be mounted on every drill and help you finish your task in the shortest available time frame so that you can produce state-of-the-art holes into your desired wooden parts.

  • Bits cannot be magnetized
  • A hard case is included for better safety
  • The well-organized case prevents the mess
  • Clean cut holes can be made through the open tooth design
  • Corded electric power source for better results
  • Limited amount of bits

2. Freud 16 Pcs. Precision Shear Serrated Edge Forstner Drill Bit Set:

  • Comes in wonderful wooden case
  • Can work both on AC and DC currency
  • Fits on any possible electric drill
  • Limited lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind
  • Cutting edges are the best on market

These are the Forstner bits of your choice for their endurance and efficacy when drilling holes on a wooden surface. The bits are made of quality stainless steel that is more efficient in producing smoother holes with no need of cleaning the debris. The machine has a special anti-debris mechanism which makes it easier to drill holes on wooden surfaces and keep its integrity.

The more rounded shape of the bits is giving you extreme precision in drilling holes that can be directly adjusted to any external screws or caps you need to place. These are the bits you were always looking for offering you secure application and firm results that last for a lot longer.

  • Flat bottom holes give you precise applications
  • 16 pieces of bits can cover all your needs
  • The cutting edges are steeply angled for your ease
  • They leave no debris on a working surface
  • Bits are always respecting the finish on the wooden surfaces
  • They may create some rough edges on the softer wooden surfaces

3. IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set:

  • A hard case to carry them with you
  • Lightweight design helping you to work overhead
  • Bits are softer and enter a lot easier to the wooden mass
  • Clear upside panel screen to give you an enhanced view of the bits
  • Adjuster to help you find the best drill for your bits

IRWIN has finally managed to give quality Forstner bits to the special public following it. These bits are softer than the previous ones from the same series and can drill very precise holes to wooden surfaces without the need to leave any debris or sharp edges. The finish on the wooden surface is not hurt by any means. They are made of quality stainless steel to keep the quality high. The round edges are giving great smoothness and efficiency to the drilling procedure. You can never go wrong with these Forstner bits.

  • Anti-rust technology
  • Perfect straightening of the drill bits
  • Reduced cutting time compared to traditional bits
  • Has ultra-sharp cutting teeth to give you smooth drilling and perfect holes
  • Includes all possible sizes of bits
  • They cannot efficiently work on a battery drill

4. Steelex Forstner Bit Set with Hex Shank:

  • All diameters of bits are included in the box
  • Bits are held securely in the box so that they don’t drop during transfer
  • Extremely lightweight for improved qualities
  • Comes with a generous 90-day warranty
  • Doesn’t need any batteries to work

This is a new and improved series of Forstner bits that can be applied to any type of wooden surface. They produce the best-drilled holes without leaving any residue on the working site. They cooperate well with all-electric drills available online and can give you the maximum results in relatively lower RPM. They are round-shaped so that you can easily give the hole the shape you want, without having rough edges. They come into a luxurious wooden case and you can easily carry them with you no matter how far away you are going. Not to mention, that the bits are made from high carbon steel, which is the world’s best material for such tools.

  • Bits are easy to use no matter the type of the wood
  • There are special sites that don’t leave debris on wood
  • The bits are made of steel alloy that doesn’t rust or corrode
  • Versatile use since all bits are multipurpose
  • Secure wooden storage is offered to all customers
  • Can not be operated with all types of drills

5. Grizzly H7694 Master Forstner:


  • Wooden case is there to ensure perfection
  • Steel made bits that cannot be magnetized
  • Multiple sizes can serve any cause
  • Different bottom colors to easily distinguish them
  • The hexagonal shanks are securing the best holes drilling

The Grizzly Forstner bits set is the best gift you can do to your favorite craftsman. Anybody who loves wooden furniture would be amazed by the precision and accuracy that these bits offer to the hole drilling tasks. The bits are coming to numerous sizes and shapes so that they can drill holes easily on any kind of wood. The drill has a special round-teeth technology to leave only a little dust and debris on the working surface. Not to mention, that the bits are securely attached to their wooden case so that you can carry them with you anywhere you go.

  • Easy to use by beginners
  • Can work both with electrical and battery drills
  • A hard case is giving you extra safety
  • The various heights of bits give you the chance to drill almost any kind of hole
  • Extremely lightweight case
  • Less warranty time than its competitors

6. Freud FB-107:


For some tools, there is a brand that sets itself apart from the competition and makes only the best. Forstner bits the name you will always hear recommended for professionals is Freud and this 7 piece kit is no exception. Apart from being wonderfully balanced and dead-on in size, these bits are knife-edged which is ideal for those who need to make angles when they’re drilling. This set comes with bits from ¼” to 1” in 1/8” increments and is sure to find a valued place in your shop if you can choke down the price.

While they’re billed as being by Freud, and they are made by them, this bit set is actually part of their budget line of tools which is called Diablo. Essentially, that’s why the cost is so low but they’re still high quality and made with Freud’s proprietary steel. For smaller projects for the professional woodworker, this Forstner bit set offers an impressive value for the cost but the high price might drive off novices.

  • Ultra-high grade steel
  • Knife edged bits
  • Good for angles
  • Super sharp
  • Extremely stable
  • Diablo line of Freud’s tools
  • No hex shaft

Verdict: Best Forstner Bits for Woodworking

There are multiple ways to sharpen the Forstner bits. First, there is the traditional way which can be found in many places around the world and it’s the manual drill bit sharpener. This is a great device that is usually equipment of woodwork craftsmen and has it in their labs. You have to get each bit cleared from all dust and debris and then pose it into the drill bit sharpener holder. There a diamond cut drill is coming and sharpens the edges of the bits while cutting off all the excessive parts that are not needed.

However, today there is also a new and improved way to sharpen the Forstner bits and this is with the laser sharpener. This is a high-tech device that works with laser rays. The computer identifies the depth of the sharpening and the laser light is performing a miracle with sharpening giving accuracy that has been never introduced before.

Forstner drill bits might not be one of the essentials for most woodworkers but if you’re looking into doing advanced workings and joinery they should definitely be a consideration. In the above list, the PORTER-CABLE PC1014 to be the best Forstner drill bit out there. These sometimes fragile, often misunderstood bits allow you to drill a flat bottomed hole quickly and easily and the cost is high, but if you’re trying to find the best set it can take some work. We’ve done the groundwork for you, so let’s get to the bits.

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Solid and durable it gives you the accuracy you need when drilling holes to any wooden surface, no matter how hard or soft it may be. Additionally, it comes in a great hard case giving you the chance to carry it with you in remote works and earn a competitive advantage.

Which bit are the most advantageous for your project mostly depends on what you plan on doing and your budget? If you’re doing big pieces of joinery then wavy or sawtooth bits made of carbide steel are your best bet, but for smaller, precise projects a knife-edge made of HSS should be sufficient. Don’t cheap out on your Forstners and they’ll treat you well.

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