Best Hydrogen Water Machines 2021: Top Picks Used & Reviewed

Best Hydrogen Water Machines

Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Water Bottles: We often hear that hydration is the key to good health and good skin. And yes, it is true! Drinking sufficient water daily helps to get rid of the toxins and also aids in keeping all the skin problems at bay. With the advances in science and technology, we now know that drinking water with dissolved hydrogen gas (H2) has more benefits than regular water. This extra hydrogen in the waterworks as an antioxidant and reduces the free radicals in the body. It also aids in reducing inflammation as well as metabolism-related diseases.

Hydrogen water also aids in maintaining good gut health and promotes blood circulation in the body. As there are many such benefits of drinking hydrogen water, there are many brands that came up with hydrogen water bottles. These bottles are equipped with membranes that can produce the hydrogen in the water. One can get these hydrogen water bottles easily. These water bottles can work great for the people who want to increase hydration and also for the ones who workout. To make it easy for you all to find an affordable hydrogen water bottle, I have curated a list with the options for the best hydrogen water bottle. Go through the list and find the one that suits your budget.

Top 8 Best Hydrogen Water Machines with Pros & Cons:

1. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0:

This is a water ionizer that can control a pH from 4.5 to 11. It is made to last years with very little maintenance. An active carbon water filter can be durable for up to a year without needing to be replaced. This ionizer is self-cleaning. It will reverse the polarity after every use and will do a self-wash every 10.5 gallons used. This will help maintain the system and the carbon filter, so they have a long life and do not need to be replaced as often. The ionizing control base has 7 water settings: cooking, brewed coffee/tea, daily drinking, initial drinking, purified water, cosmetics, and household cleaning. It is easy to install and will not only help you control your water’s pH but also filter it.


  • Aqua Ionizer can be used for about a year before needing maintenance.
  • Installation takes an average of ten minutes.
  • Digital and simple controls to give you complete control of your water.
  • Consistent customer service with fast responses.
  • Removes most major contaminants.

  • It is a wide range of water ionizer that has both PH control and written settings options such as water for cooking, initial drinking, cosmetic, or household cleaning water.
  • It is not very aesthetically pleasing and can look a bit awkward when hooking up.
  • It does not filter fluoride though you can purchase an extension for the ionizer if you wish to do so.

2. Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer:

Tyent UCE-11 is one of the best alkaline water ionizers on the market and targets very high-end customers. Tyent UCE-11 has a wide control of pH, from 2pH to 12pH, giving you the ultimate control. Additionally, it has a very modern and functional look and feels. The control system is a very user-friendly touch screen. The product has a lifetime warranty, and the customer service is some of the best around. In Tyent UCE-11, two internal filters remove up to 99.99% of all major contaminants. But the filters do need to be replaced approximately every six months.


  • Will ionize water from 2pH to 12pH
  • Touch screen control pad.
  • 2 internal filters to reduce or remove all major contaminants.
  • Has a modern design on the faucet.
  • The install can be done without a plumber or handyman.

  • The ionizer has a modern, simplistic, and functional look that includes a touch screen control pad.
  • It is also fairly simple to install and has a lifetime warranty.
  • There is a pretty expensive price point on this alkaline water ionizer, and the replacement filters are fairly expensive as well.

3. IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer:

This ionizer water machine is durable and reliable. It is fairly simple to install and has 7 different ionization settings, including, from basic to acidic, making foods/cooking staff, daily drinking, rice cooking/making tea, initial period drinking, take medicine/milk, beauty, and cosmetics face cleansing and strong acid. It requires 10-second chamber cleaning after every use. After 50 liters of ionized water provided, the chamber will also self-clean. Both cleaning processes use electrolysis. This water ionizer comes with a two-year warranty. There’re 5 platinum-titanium electrolyte plates in the ionizer to provide consistent water with an accurate pH every time you use it.


  • Will ionize water from 4.5pH to 11pH.
  • Self cleans after each use.
  • Intuitive display with buttons and an LCD screen.
  • It has a flow rate of 3 liters (0.8 gallons) per minute.
  • Sits on the countertop.

  • IntelGadgets IONtech is a very user-friendly and efficient alkaline water ionizer.
  • It is very easy if a user wants to switch between different settings and quite intuitive to use.
  • The warranty is only for 2 years. Additionally, the system is quite large and is meant to sit on the countertop.

4. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer:

Aqua Ionizer has some great lines of some of the best alkaline water ionizers. This ionizer has seven water settings that include cooking, brewing coffee/tea, daily drinking, initial drinking, purified water, cosmetics, and household cleaning. This ionizer also has a built-in filter that will remove most major contaminants. This filter needs to be replaced approximately every 4,000 liters or 1,056 gallons of water. This should last approximately a year, depending on your consumption. It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It will ionize water starting from 3.0 pH to 11.5 pH.
  • Install should take just minutes.
  • This filter only needs to be changed every year.
  • Fast and consistent customer service.
  • It only uses 110 volts, no need for a transformer to power the ionizer.

  • The settings are clearly labeled on this ionizer and the installation is extremely simple.
  • The system has a consistent output
  • . The system is a bit clunky looking, though it can be installed either on the countertop or under the sink. The under-sink option needs additional parts that need to be purchased

5. Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine:

Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer is the best alkaline water machine that has a wide pH range, from 2 pH to 12 pH, and filters that remove or reduce all major contaminants. There are 2 filters included within the kit, but there is an option to install an external three-stage water filter for an even more thorough filtration process. The filters have to be replaced every 5,000 liters, approximately once a year. There is a meter that allows you to check the status of the filter on display. There is no option to install this under the sink, but it has a simple and modern design that won’t look clunky on the counter.


  • Simple design that looks modern.
  • Platinum Alkaline should ionize water from 2 pH to 12 pH.
  • The filters have to be changed every 5,000 liters.
  • It has 4 displays to give you all the information that you will need.

  • This is an ionizer that has 2 filters so it will ionize and filter your water simultaneously.
  • It can be installed in minutes and has a modern, simple design.
  • The filters can be quite expensive to replace.
  • The buttons and display have fairly small text, which can make it hard to read.

6. H2 USB Sport MAXX Hydrogen Water Generator with Glass Bottle:

The H2 Hub is a portable hydrogen water generator, and it is small. The bottle is really handy for traveling, work, and home also. The bottle is a fast and accurate device made for sportspeople and health-minded professionals. That comes with a 400 ml/14oz glass bottle and 2 adapters for plastic bottles. The bottle is portable and light. It can work with a rechargeable lithium battery or with a standard AC connection, also using a USB port. The bottle is used with all water sources as filtered, distilled, RO, or tap water. It has platinum-coated titanium that is designed to remove the Nickel, Molybdenum, and Chromium waste. So that no other toxic metals will reach your mouth. You can easily operate it when connected to a laptop on the go. It will give you satisfaction when going to the gym, cycling, hiking, or just plain traveling.

  • Easy to use
  • Made with Solid Polymer Electrolysis Proton Exchange Membrane technology
  • The bottle is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Has two adapters
  • The Lithium Batteries run as 12
  • Good for traveling
  • Used for all water sources
  • Also connecting using a USB port
  • Expensive bottle
  • Can’t handle the temperature

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7. Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator:

The Lourdes HS-72 water generator comes with a special floating hydrogen capping lid which prevents the hydrogen ions from evaporating into the atmosphere. The processing time is in batches, and you can set the timer. One thing to remember that the longer is the cycle, the hydrogen content of water will be the richer. You need to change the filters every nine-month. Apart from it, you can easily wash it with a white hand sponge. This model won’t change your water and doesn’t allow for other ions too. Their ionization plates are larger and made with a titanium silver combination coated with platinum. You will get the most intensely arcuate metallic purities and machining which deliver the highest ionization plates in the industry.

  • The bottle fully saturates very fast
  • The bottle has an SCE system, SPE system, PEM technology
  • Change the water in TDA level
  • Plates are slightly larger
  • Made of titanium silver coated with platinum
  • Available in only one color
  • Very rare to everywhere

8. M9 Next Generation Under Counter Water Life Ionizer:


The life ionizer can provide the highest antioxidant power in ionized alkaline mineral water. It is a larger titanium core platinum double-dipped plate. M9 is a high-quality device. Whether the generator is large but is easy to maintain and clean. You just have to change the multifilters twice in a year. The dual internal filters can easily take care of chlorine and chlorine-residual gas. The machine goes with a UV light to get rid of all bacteria and germs. The LED panel shows you alkaline and acidic levels that you have. You can clean your countertops, water and clean your plants as well as your skin and body with acidic water.

  • The generator has four different alkaline levels and three different acidic levels
  • The weight is light
  • The machine has a control panel
  • LED panels to help a lot
  • No extra battery needed
  • Pretty expensive product

Verdict: Best Hydrogen Water Machines to Buy?

Alkaline is thought to have significant health benefits and whether you are just getting acclimated to the idea of alkaline water or are an old pro looking for the next best alkaline water ionizer, there is a system to fit your requirements. Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer is a truly incredible alkaline water ionizer while also having a modern design that is easy to use and efficient. It also has two water filters that reduce or remove any contaminants lingering in your water.

Keep in mind, if you are new to alkaline water or live in a location where you cannot install a full system, there are alkaline water pitchers on the market. That specializes in providing alkaline drinking water, though do not offer the range a countertop or under-counter system might. Either you are just looking to add drinking some alkaline water to your diet or intend to use the entire pH range offered for everything from cosmetics to cooking and everything related, knowing what you want to use the ionizer for is the key to finding your perfect system.

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