Best Multi-Cookers 2021: Top Picks, Used & Reviewed

Best Multi-Cookers

Reviews of the Most Versatile Multi-Cookers 2021: The cooker is a perfect product for those who are organized with a busy schedule and don’t have time to cook for themselves and their family. It cooks a tasty, healthy meal for us. It doesn’t take a lot of time. While the multi cooker cooks the meal you can do your other works, play with your children and you can take a nap also. Just you have to set the cooker on time and when you will open the cooker according to the timer the meal will be ready and warm. So you can easily have a warm meal anytime. 

The Multicooker is made with the system of steam control valve which helps to preserve the taste and aroma of your meal. Some cookers are made with another special system to preserve the minerals and vitamins in your food.  These cookers won’t burn, no bad smell neither you need to wash them separately. They are super easy to use, cook, and travel. Yes, you can also travel with your Multi-Cooker.

Top 6 Best Multi-Cookers to buy-in 2021

1. Breville BPR700BSS Fast Slow Pro Multi-Function Cooker:

Breville bought up an amazing cooker for everyone. It has stainless steel. They provide much safety as safety locking lid, automatic hands, safety valve, and free steam release. The cooker keeps your meal hot and perfectly cook it up. Their removable cooking bowl helps us to serve our food warm. Because it is stainless you don’t need to wash very strongly. This is very easy to wash. It is a huge cooker so that you can easily cook for four members. The Multicooker LCD light system so you can easily get to know the pressure is getting high or they are releasing steam and also when the food is ready.

  • Keep up the food warm for a long time
  • Have a removable cooking bowl
  • Safety system
  • LCD lighting
  • A bit pricey
  • Too much heavy

2. Mueller UltraPot 6Q Pressure Cooker:


Mueller Austria produced a thermal pressure cooker which is containing with a glass lid. And the most interesting is that you can cook 2 items at the same time. These cookers are made with rubber seals and their internal electronics are not as usual as a regular cooker.  They are very high quality maintained. They have a stainless steel steamer basket. As well as they are providing an extra silicon basket into the cooker.

They are saving your time. So you can easily have two meals at the same time. Their ceramic nonstick coating and the fully sealed environment will help to preserve the aroma, flavors, and nutritions. They have no chemical coating around the basket. They are providing us the latest technology on the cooker. You can easily monitor the food with its glass lid and adjust heating during cooking.

  • Glass lid
  • 2 baskets are helping to make 2 meals at the same time
  • Sealed with rubber and also providing a silicon stainless steel basket
  • The ceramic nonstick coating will help to preserve the aroma, flavors, and nutrients
  • Temperature high
  • A pricey product

3. Crock-Pot Express Pressure Cooker:

Crock Pot always brings something new in their electronic products. This Pressure Cooker is one of them. This is 12 in 1. You can cook different kinds of items in just one pot. Express Pressure Cooker cooks your meal very fast and saves you valuable time. They also preserve the taste, smell, and nutrition. This giant pressure cooker can cook a whole chicken in just 30 minutes and still taste the same as you want. Not only you can use it as a pressure cooker but also you can use it as a steamer, for saute and slow cooker also.

They have so nice buttons for using them very easily. Their manual function will alarm you when the food is ready and if you take some time to put it out then it won’t be cold at all. They will serve you fully hot and tasty. Their nonsticky bowl prevents stuck-on food around the bowl so you need not take pressure to wash it. You can easily wash it with regular water very fast. Their pot is as large that you can easily cook fr the whole family and also for a party. The airtight lid stays sealed under pressure for safety.

  • Cooks very fast than any other pots
  • You can easily cook several items at the same time
  • Always keep the food warm and remain tasty
  • Non-sticky bowl
  • Also providing steaming rack, stirring spoon and a recipe book
  • Huge cooker
  • Use too much current

4. Bilaca 9in1 Multi-Cooker:

Black is the perfect cooker most far in this decade. This cooker helps you to prepare a healthy and tasty meal. This 9 in 1 multi cooker is a versatile product that is designed especially for a healthy cooking process. This multi-cooker helps to save the nutrition, mineral, and vitamin. You can easily set up the timer and cook your food very fast. It saves electricity and your time too. The bowl is made of stainless steel and its easy to washable. You can cook different types of food and the pressure setting is good. They are providing you steam rack with the cooker and also a cookbook along with it.

  • Use as 9 in 1
  • They have High-quality stainless steel
  • Adjustable timer
  • Easy to clean up
  • They can cook frozen food also
  • Also have a rice spoon, measuring cups, and cookbook
  • Very good for cook meat
  • There is no temperature setting in the cooker
  • Sometimes it’s little disturbing able for sealing
  • It is heavier than any other cookers

5. Philips Viva 2 1425W Turbostar Multi-Cooker Airfryer:


Philips bought an amazing device which is an air fryer and this air fryer is best for frying. This multi-cooker or air fryer has 4 options to use as frying, roasting, grilling, and baking. Its low fat and non-stick features surly make our food crispy and healthy for always. It is perfect for a small kitchen because it comes with an amazing little perfect shape.

This air fryer will never have a lack of oil or you don’t need to be afraid of the burning because their timer will help to prevent burn. Rather they don’t have any extra rack but they are giving a nonstick bowl and lid and grill pan also. They are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean up. You can easily set the perfect time and it will automatically turn off when the food is ready. So you don’t need to be a worry for your fries anymore.

  • They are best for their temperature and time setting option
  • The bowl and whole product is made of stainless steel so they are nonsticky
  • A perfect frying basket for a small family
  • You don’t need to pre-heat the fryer
  • Super easy to clean up
  • So compact shape that saves your space and energy
  • No need to use oil and the food is very healthy and fresh
  • It has only 30 minutes timer
  • Expensive
  • Cooks very little amount of food

6. Panasonic 5 Cup (Uncooked) Japanese Rice Cooker:


Panasonic is a Japanese company and very renowned. This cooker is huge in size and can cook for six to seven people easily. It will keep your food warm until you serve them to the guests. This pot is designed beautifully and has several buttons and an LCD on the top of the cooker so it will help us to notify you when your meal is cooked.

They have a screen upside the cooker and you can choose the time and cooking functions from any of the 13c preset programs. They have different types of layer pan. So you can cook different types of food along with the rice. It will preserve the natural flavors and beautiful smell.  You can keep your food warm for 12 hours and has a 24-hour timer also. They are removable elements and have stainless steel pot so you can easily clean them up.

  • Preserve the taste and aroma
  • They keep up your meal warm for 12 hours
  • They have a diamond coating and non-stick pan
  • Serve you burn-free cooking
  • The meal won’t be stuck around the pot
  • Easily can cook different type of foods
  • Need to be preheated
  • Only best for rice and steaming
  • Bit expensive
  • Too heavy

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Conclusion: Best Multi-Cookers 2021

Nowadays multi cookers are very common in every kitchen. Because it saves time and energy to cook. Aobosi Pressure Cooker is a very known product. It is one of the cheap price products and they are really available to the market. They will give you good service. You can easily cook your meal every day at home with this multi cookers. They are very easy to wash and so compact size that saves your spaces around the kitchen.

You need to be careful about the cooking timer and temperature because these are important facts for the cooker. You should wash your cooker when you are going to use it for the first time. Because sometime there could be dust or bacterias around the cooker. Try to always cook liquid food with the cooker. Always put the pour into half pf your cooker. Use gentle detergents and sponges to clean the pot otherwise, they will ruin your stainless basket which can be harmful for future use. Besides everything, This cooker makes our life easy and fast.

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