Best Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard Space 2021

Best Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard Space

Best Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard Space Improving your backyard living appeal with the Best Fire Pit Ideas: An outdoor fire pit in your backyard will create an extended cozy area to your home where you can spend your ideal evenings or arrange family gatherings. A fire pit not just adds an aesthetic ambiance; at the same time, it gives a wide range of intangible benefits as well. Whether you want to toss up your food, roast some marshmallow, throw a party, or just snuggle up while drinking wine, We’re here to provide you the easiest fire pit ideas that will serve all your needs make your summer the best one ever.

These simple yet handy outdoor fire pits ideas will make a great addition to your yard create an ambient glow to your exterior.


  • Stone Firepit with Half Wall:

Stone Firepit with Half Wall

For backyard fire pit ideas sticking to a stone fire pit is the most convenient option. A stone fire pit with a half wall can never go wrong with its sophisticated outlook. Not just the look and convenience, it is one of the easiest and cost-effective fire pit ideas to make with DIY tips. The two materials you need to make this fire pit are some stone bricks and cement to glue them together. First, outline the area according to your preferred shape for the fire pit, then create a base with some sand. Secondly, take some similar sized stone bricks and place them over the outline to make a square/round structure. Put some more bricks according to the wall size you need and stuck them together with duty glue or cement. To utilize your backyard space, you can adjust the size and shape of your fire pit.

  • Simple round Brick Design:

Wooden Fire Pit

Brick fire pits are basically of two types. Some prefer their outdoor fire pit to be underground, and others like it aboveground with some decorations. Simple round brick designed fire pits are kind of similar to the half wall fire pits, just some variations in materials. Just gather some leftover bricks of any size from your garage, and if you like, break them into shapes. You can also leave them as it is to provide a messier fire pit look if it goes with the ambiance of your backyard space. The bricklayer can be adjusted according to your required fire pit height.

  • Wooden Fire Pit:

Square Fire Pit with Colored Glass

Although wooden fire pits ideas are not quite popular for the backyard, if you are someone who enjoys drinking your wine near to campfire while throwing fireworks into it, then this one is the best option for you. Among lots of advantages like convenience and cost-effectiveness, a wood fire pit’s key advantage is its movability. You can carry it around like a vintage hurricane lamp and enjoy a campfire vibe wherever you like. The making is also much easier compared to others. Pick up some dry old wood, glue them together, giving your preferred shape. Make sure to use a sheet metal bucket inside the pit to prevent it from going up in flames.

  • Square Fire Pit with Colored Glass:

Flagstone Fire Ring

As everyone is choosing the conventional fire pit options for their backyards, you can pick the exceptional outdoor fire pit ideas. Square Fire Pit with a colored glass design might be the one for you if you have the luxury and enough space. There are some ready-made square fire pits available in the market for you to choose from, or you can make one by yourself with concrete and fire pit blocks. To give your pit a highly sophisticated glow, add some colorful glass beads on the pit’s upper layer. You can always pick some unique glass beads that go with your home’s color or accent to create a more elegant interior.

  • Flagstone Fire Ring:

Concrete Tree Ring Firepit

Flagstone fire pits are a bit costly compared to the brick ones, yet they are relatively popular fire pit ideas for their fast and easy installation process. By assembling this fire pit, you can use flagstones for its natural old-world look, which can match perfectly with the feature of your outdoor living space.

  • Concrete Tree Ring Firepit:

A bowl of Fire style

A concrete tree ring fire pit is one of the best Backyard fire pit ideas for you if you want the most inexpensive fire pit for a short tenure. All you need is two tree rings and a small Portable charcoal grill, and a few hours in a weekend to lit it up. Just find a concrete base to put the fire pit, then place two tree ring one inside another and fill the middle with the charcoal grill. Afterward, you can put some stones and pebbles to fill the gap or even pain the wall to give it a more polished look if you like.

  • A bowl of Fire style:

A bowl of Fire style

Bowl of fire style fire pits is very popular in the southeastern zone for its easy remodeling feature and symbolic warmth. This fire style can be made of very durable materials like aluminum, iron ore, stainless steel, Fibre or glass-reinforced concrete, etc. The main tools and materials required for this fire pit are one large bowl, concrete mix, some pebbles, and one hanger or stand to place it. Upon completion position, it is in a corner in your backyard, decorate with fabrics, put out some benches, and is ready for your outdoor entertaining area. These bowl of fire style fire pits indeed provides a very modern look to your outdoor living in a traditional setting.

  • Washer Tub Firepit:

Washer Tub Firepit

The safest and cheapest way to have a fire pit in your backyard is to use a recycled washing machine drum as your firepit. If you can use it properly, this washer tub will give you somewhat better service than any ready-made fancy fire pit. To use it, there’s not much to do actually. First, get the drum out, remove all the plastic parts, then build a stand as legs of the fire pit, put it together, and spray some high heat paint all over. The basic fire pit is ready to lighten up, and now you can add some personalization according to your preference. You can also use a fire pit hood to reduce the smoke as well as keep it dry.

  • Cinderblock Firepit:

Cinderblock Fire pit

A cinderblock fire pit is similar to stone and brick fire pits, only a bit costlier. If you want your outdoor fire pit to be handy, inexpensive, and at the same time long-lasting, then go with cinderblock ones. With cinderblocks, you can customize more designs and different sizes. First, do some planning on what type of fire pit you want to make and create an outline. Go to the nearest shop to find the accurate sizes of cinderblock for your pit and some concrete material. The rest is pretty easy. Glue the blocks together, put the grill inside, let it rest for a day, and the fire pit is ready to glow.

  • Square Metal Firepit:

Square Metal Fire-pit

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This one is the super simple idea to make a fire pit without using brick, stone, concrete, or anything that is not already available in your home. All you need to put it together is just some metal sheets, muds, and pebbles. Bring out the metal sheets, secure them together in a square shape, put some mud inside and out then gather some pebbles around the area. That is all the work you need to build a square metal fire pit.

These outdoor fire pit ideas with some personalized decorative details can make an artful scenario in your backyard. But always make sure to find a safe place for the fire pit away from plantlife and trees. An outdoor with some safety measures can turn your backyard into a place of infinite relaxation.

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