Best Paintballs for Woodsball & Speedball 2021: Top Pick Reviewed

Best Paintballs for Woodsball

Best Paintballs For Woodsball 2021: The Ultimate Guide: Woodsball can be a good or bad game to play. The experience you have at the game depends on numerous things, like the type of paintball ammo being used. If you’re loading your marker with lousy paint, then your experience won’t be good. You see, paintballs contain a gelatin-based outer shell and watered-down paint on the inside. If you have good quality paintballs in your marker, then they will burst once they strike the target instead of breaking inside the gun’s firing mechanism.

Also, poor quality paintball pellets could weaken your marker’s performance by making it less accurate or merely breaking before it even reaches its target. In rare cases, it might not even break when it hits its mark, which could hurt your targets tremendously because you did not use the best paintballs possible. As you can see, using good quality paintball gear will make the game more fun for everybody involved. Below are the four best paintballs on the market. This buying guide along with this paintballers manual will help you be the best player you can be by giving you the top picks.

Top 6 Best Paintballs for Woodsball & Speedball: (Buyers Guide)

1. Veska Paintball:

The guys over at Veska deserve a lot of recognition for the paintballs that they make. They come in a variety of colors and you have options when it comes to the amount of ammo that you need. Bags can contain anywhere from 500 minimum to a max of 2000 paintballs.

The colors you pick always depend on your preference and the rules of the venue that you are playing in. Veska has yellow, orange, and pink so there is something for everyone. Something to keep in mind before you make a purchase is that this product is meant only for the .68 caliber. Some balls come with shells that break easily but not these. They are strong and dense so any new player who does not know what he is doing will not end up popping them.

From my own personal experience, most of the players that buy this kind of paintball are scenario and beginner style sportsman. Once you pull the trigger, they will head directly towards the intended target without exploding in midair. Their quality control department is detail-oriented which is why once you open your box, you will not find any defects. Your enemy should go home with plenty of welts and bruises if you use them right.

The last thing you want to do after opening a box paintballs is to become sick because of their smell. You will not have that problem with these because they are sealed for freshness and guaranteed to not be expired. Test them out by rubbing them along the palm of your hand to see how well shaped they are for accuracy.

  • Lots of colors and boxes with different ball counts
  • Strong and durable shell
  • Packaged securely and sealed tight
  • Brand new balls that are not expired
  • Price a bit higher than others on the market

2. Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintball:

These paintballs are the best choice for anyone no matter what skill level you are at now. Tiberius Arms will not let you down because they are used in the most popular tournaments around the country. The reason for this is because they are the perfect combination of quality, value, and performance for the paintballer who wants to play at his best.

They use a patented technology that gives their paintball and aerodynamic quality that make your shots stable. Whether it is raining outside or a bit on the windy side this paintball will give you the results that you want so you can win your game. It is also this technology that gives it some serious speed when it comes out of the barrel of your marker.

It shoots out 50% further than cheaper competitors and if it is incapable hands, the accuracy will astound you. This ammo is not limited to the .68 caliber like the others on this list. You can use it on any gun you like, and you will get the same results. Every player who has been involved in the sport long enough knows that sometimes you are forced to shoot at your opponents from awkward angles. That will be okay with these balls because they are versatile for every kind of situation. A feature that I love is the self-rifling ability which many don’t even know about so this is a leg up you can have.

The one thing I hate about cheaper quality paintballs is the way they tend to break in midair sometimes. You will not have that problem with the Tiberius brand because they shoot far and break only when they hit their intended target. Lastly, the paint inside is nice and thick so you will easily be able to tell whether your opponent has been hit. At the end of the day, this is the top paintball brand in the country and possibly the world.

  • Aerodynamic body
  • Can take on any scenario on a paintball venue
  • Accuracy is spot on along with long ranges
  • Breaks only upon contact and not in midair.
  • Easy to see the paint that is thick
  • Larger than usual 0.68 caliber

3. Valken Infinity Paintball:

These Valken Infinity paintballs for woodsball have shells that are much thicker than other types. For this reason, it is a preferred type of low impact paintball amongst professional players. You can purchase them in one of three colors; orange, white, and yellow. If you use the orange-colored versions, they will shoot the straightest as they’re also the heaviest. This means the balls will break once they hit your target instead of breaking as they’re coming out of the barrel. However, the weight of these good paintballs will likely cause them to hurt your enemy more because of their dangerous power. That is why novices should probably not use them. Other than that, these are great to use for woodsball and the top paintball player gave this brand a high rating.

4. First Strike Paintball:

A​s a paintball enthusiast, you want to know what will make for the best experience. From what gear you’re wearing to what paintballs you use to what field you play, you need to make the ideal choices. What paintballs have you been using? Let us share with you how First Strike Paintball does the trick and how it compares to other options.

Tiberius Arms has advanced your paintball experience by offering you a more efficient stabilized paintball. First Strike Paintball is made from plastic, not the gelatin that many paintballs are made from. It will hold its shape desire spring tension or other common paintball concerns. It contains less paint that is loaded toward the front of the paintball.

First Strike Paintballs will fire from any .68 caliber paintball marker. They may be somewhat slower to load if you converted your marker to load them. This is because the breach of the marker needs to be properly shaped to accommodate the unique structure of the First Strike Paintball. If your marker is made specifically for First Strike Paintballs, just remember to load only a few at a time.

Are you wondering what the biggest benefit it? First Strike Paintball allows for viable accuracy options. If paintball sniping is something you’re looking for, then you need to look no further. Their use in scenario paintball and woodsball have been proven since First Strike released them.

Due to the magnified accuracy and improved FPS, you’ll notice a difference with First Strike. You will be very pleased that these paintballs shoot as straight as they go and can go as far as 280 FPS. You know how the First Strike rounds will make the difference for you. You can be confident in taking the stance as a player who can be readily prepared to take out targets from a distance.

  • ​Most accuracy for your shot
  • ​They shoot extremely straight and far at 280 FPS
  • ​More expensive paintball option
  • ​May take months for these paintballs to break down

5. ​Wrek Elite Premium 1000 Count Paintballs:

Wrek Elite Paintballs have an outer shell that’s very durable. It will punch through thick brush without breaking, giving you an advantage to your opponents if they are using lesser quality paint. The paint of Wrek Elite paintballs balls is yellow while the outer shell is red and silver. It’s an excellent choice of paintballs to use for playing woodsball and scenario.

These paintballs are constructed out of premium materials. Wrek Elite Premium paint should not leave stains when cleaned in a timely fashion. They have a patented “bio-fill” formula ensuring the paint will wash away from structures without harming the local ecosystem.

  • Paintballs work well, without breakage or pitting
  • ​Will fit all major paintball markers
  • ​Sometimes the paintballs don’t break at the target
  • ​Paint may feel too oily

6. Valken Graffiti Paintballs:



Valken Grafitti Paintballs are formulated with a bright marking fill while not staining or making a mess in your marker. Graffiti is a top-shelf paintball. It has great marking attributes, superior accuracy, and reliably breaks on-target. It makes the claim to be the preferred paintball of the Magfed games and scenarios like Castle Conquest, D-Day, and Fulda Gap. Users state it’s a great paintball. It is consistent with a brittle shell that shoots effectively through all sorts of markers. Under Valken’s warranty policy, paintballs, Airsoft, and Airgun ammo have a 7-day warranty.

  • ​Has a distinct striped cool looking shell
  • ​Made of 100% PEG and safe for the environment
  • ​Maybe too hard on the target
  • ​Paint too thick for normal markers

Conclusion: What’s the Best Paintballs?  

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Users of the First Strike Paintball appear to agree. It’s a 5-star experience! First Strike will provide an upgrade in your game. A key factor regarding your paintball equipment is choosing the right paintballs to load into your marker.

First Strike Paintball doesn’t have the limitations and issues with regular paintballs. The average effective range of a paintball is about 150 feet, and First Strike will go twice as far with good effect. Most paintballs are made from an outer shell that’s gelatin-based filled with watered paint inside, while First Strike is plastic-based with better quality paint.

If you use First Strike Paintball, you’ll achieve the best accuracy over the other choices of paintballs. Your rounds will shoot much straighter and farther than regular paintballs have the capacity of doing. You won’t have to rely on using volume for your accuracy by volume, with First Strike Paintball you will get your shot in fewer attempts. This makes them a complete game changer!

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