Best Pool Basketball Hoops 2021: Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

Best Pool Basketball Hoops

Best Pool Basketball Hoops: Staying active is easy when you have a pool, but doing laps isn’t enough to keep most kids entertained. In order to make for a more enjoyable and more active pool experience, a pool basketball hoop can be exactly right.

Hanging out by the pool is always a fun activity. If you just want to make it more fun, just add a poolside basketball hoop to get everyone moving. Swimming in the pool is a great way to exercise providing your body with a buoyancy that prevents muscles from straining themselves while you have fun in the pool.

You can easily add a basketball pool hoop to the edge of your pool where it can stand secured into place. The basketball hoop can either hang over the edge of the pool or sit back just a little bit. With a rebounder design, water basketball hoops allow the ball to bounce back into the pool, so you can collect it easier instead of having to climb back out to get it. We have all the answers that you’re looking for regarding poolside basketball hooping poolside basketball hoops. With our help, you’ll get a bunch of in-depth takedowns of the pool basketball hoops that are hot sellers.

Top 7 Best Pool Basketball Hoops 2021:

1. Poolmaster Pro Rebounder:

This swimming pool basketball hoop should be placed adjacent after it is filled with water. You’ll find that it can take the harshest hits on the backboard without tipping over. It’s lots of fun for kids!

The net itself is perfect for keeping things fresh because it channels the ball directly down rather than letting it slip to the sides. Furthermore, the rebound potential of this basketball hoop is more than it might seem at first glance.

While you shouldn’t be pulling on the rim to land a dunk, the durability of this poolside basketball hoop is hard to beat. It is not a steel rim! The rim itself is made from high-grade PVC, and the base unit isn’t about to corrode if you leave it out during the winter when the pool isn’t open. This swimming pool basketball system must be filled with water.

Finally, once you empty the water out of this poolside hoop, you’ll find that it’s easy to transport because the main parts are very light. If you plan on vacationing, this means that you could easily drain this hoop and pack it up to go with you for the pool at the next spot.

  • It comes with a quality base and basketball hoop
  • Extreme stability
  • Rebound-capable
  • Highly durable
  • No steel rim
  • Lightweight
  • Slow to fill
  • Low-quality basketball

2. The SwimWays Hoop:

This poolside basketball hoop is ready to play with multiple games. Whether you prefer shooting hoops or smacking the volleyball around, this hoop is ready to enable your play.

The SwimWays set has a volleyball net as well as a basketball net, the basketball hoop set up, and also a pair of volleyball poles for the pool. As a bonus, you’ll get a cool explosion graphic attached to the backboard of the hoop.

The hoop itself can be assembled without using tools, which is a nice plus. You’ll also find that the base is easy to fill with water and somewhat lightweight when empty. The same can’t be said for the basketball backboard, however. It’s not the best. If you’re looking for a casual pool basketball hoop, this might be the right hoop for your poolside. However, if you’re looking for a more serious basketball rig, you’ll be better served by another product.

  • Multiple glasses of water and sand games included
  • Comes with a quality base, hoop, and net
  • No-tool assembly
  • Friendly aesthetic
  • Mediocre basketball backboard
  • Unwieldy
3. Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System:


First on our list is the amazing portable Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System. The main reason why we made it our number one recommendation is the robustness, which makes it one of the most durable basketball pools. When you compare with others within the same price range, Lifetime is ahead of the pack.

Many things set apart this hoop from their peers. The design consists of a 44 inches shatterproof backboard alongside an adjustable height feature with different levels of increment from 4 to 6.5ft high. A rim holds the study net and attaches to the specially coated and rust-resistant steel pole.

But what we like most is the weather-resistant net as proof that it will last many days. A bonus is the five year warranty period, which means that you’ll have confidence in shopping. The base is secure and features a heavy-duty 27 gallon that will stay firm even under heavy impact. The hoop stays as a brand as new since the graphics do not fade even when exposed to water.

  • Telescoping steel pole that’s easier to adjust
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty base
  • The rim is sturdily build
  • The net is weather resistant
  • Graphics do not fade
  • The steel pole is specially coated
  • Installation requires help due to the heaviness of the base

4. Dunnrite Splash Basketball Hoop:

The second item on the table is the Dunnrite Basketball Hoop. It comes in a unique polyurethane backboard; however, with an overall measurement of 43×28.5 inches, you’re guaranteed maximum performance.

In this context, we highly recommend the Dunnrite basketball hoop for outdoor fun more so for the pool. The assembly instructions are very easy to follow and understand. However, due to the weight of the base, you’ll need to get a hand to help.

More interestingly, the background supports the vinyl-coated stainless steel pole and the rounded rim together with the all-weather net. Even more, the telescoping steel pole can adjust the height of the hoops to reach an incredible 56″ above the pool in flexible increments. The hoop has a stable base that holds up to 25 gallons of water and a weight of 200 pounds when full of water. Having this in mind, the hoop is stable and can withstand heavy impact during a rough game.

  • Sturdy base with 25 gallons of water
  • Vinyl- coated stainless pole
  • Adjustable pole height
  • Easy assembly
  • All-weather net and durable rim
  • A wide background for better support
  • You’ll need an extra hand to help with the assembly

5. GoSports Splash Hoop:


The GoSports Hoops comes in a classy design that will quickly upgrade your pool basketball game. This hoop is a must-have summer game for everybody, kids, and adults as well. It allows you to escape from the heat and slam dunk in the pool with your loved ones.

Everything in the package is meant to give you the ultimate pool experience. It includes one hoop and two water basketballs. The Balls are high quality and have anti-slip texture. Thus, they hold well and save you the energy of chasing them outside the pool.

You are assured of endless fun and no need to worry about the balls deflating since the package also includes a ball pump. Additionally, the hoop doesn’t have loose sections that deteriorate and leak as signs of wear; hence it floats easily on the water. This hoop is designed for play in a pool and can withstand splashing during an intense basketball game. The frames are well built to guarantee fun during play. The set is easy to assemble and you’ll have everything ready within seconds. This is the opposite of other hoops that require hardware to assemble.

  • Fun to play with
  • Sturdy frame
  • High-quality anti-skid balls
  • An all-inclusive package
  • Easy to assemble
  • Classy design
  • It’s expensive

6.Intex Floating Basketball Hoops:


Intex is a floating hoop suitable for pool parties, especially with kids. However, your child can still throw balls even at home or in the backyard for fun long after the party has ended. You’ll be glad to note that this hoop is more like a toy and a fun way to exercise. Although kids love playing around with it, even adults can join in the fun.

When new, it inflates easily, and the package includes an orange-like pump-up basketball. Apart from this, there’s also a patch for repairing. By the same token, this hoop is made to last and consists of a ten gauge vinyl attachment. Indeed, you’ll be amazed by the stoutness. At the pool, it doesn’t deflate easily and high-performance is clearly a bonus. The water-filled base remains stable on the water surface. Even in hotter days, the hoop will hold steady.

  • Comes with an inflatable ball
  • High quality and durable
  • Doesn’t deflate easily
  • Package includes a patch for repairing
  • Stable water-filled base
  • Doesn’t deflate even when hot
  • Versatile for pool play and other places 
  • The basketball is too lightweight

7. Fun Knuckles Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set:



What a better way to slam dunk a basketball in water than getting yourself the Fun Knuckles basketball hoop. Pretty obvious, this pool sensational will bring the fun on a hot summer day. This hoop comes in an all-inclusive package so that you can start playing right away.

Getting the right pool toy is not easy, taking into account some options leaks after a while. As luck would have it, the Fun Knuckles is different since it’s made of high-quality materials that are stronger and stable for durability. The hoop has valves that enable you to inflate and deflate effortlessly. Therefore, you can carry it anywhere for a fun session with friends.

Luckily enough, this hoop is for everybody, both young kids and adults. Indeed little kids love it since it’s easy and simple to use. Not only that, grown-ups too have many options to play a variety of games. You are at peace knowing that your child’s safety is guaranteed since the toy is inflatable, unlike the regular hoop.

  • The package is all-inclusive
  • High-quality vinyl material
  • Versatile use for both kids and adults
  • Easy to use
  • Have valves for ease of inflating and deflating
  • Doesn’t leak
  • The package doesn’t include an air pump

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Verdict: Best Pool Basketball Hoops

Pool basketball hoops are mostly designed with keeping the safety for young kids in mind. They are the ones who get the most fun playing pool basketball. Safety should still be your first priority. Make sure the base of your pool hoop is stable so that it doesn’t tip over when practicing dunk shots. Don’t ever leave your child alone when they are playing in the water. After all, you don’t want anything bad to happen to your children. One thing is certain; a portable basketball hoop is the best decision you can ever make. If you live in a restricted neighborhood that doesn’t allow the installation of permanent hoops, then a portable basketball will do the trick.

We highly recommend them for fun with your family and friends at the pool or in your backyard. These games are a great way to cool off during the summer heat. Portable pool basketball hoops are budget options since they come at incredibly low prices, are easy to set up, and due to their portability, you can carry them anywhere. When making your selection, durability is an essential consideration, and that’s why you should check on the quality of the materials. We hope that our selection has answered all your concerns and now you can buy the best pool basketball hoop with confidence.

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