Best Retaining Wall Ideas for Your Backyards (Easy DIY Project)


Retaining Wall Ideas that will Benefit you the Most: The retaining wall is generally used to ensure that you don’t have soil erosion from rain. But it doesn’t only serve the purpose of holding your soil, it also keeps your lawn safe from structural damages. A retaining wall is very necessary If you have uneven ground around the outside of your home.

While browsing for retaining wall ideas, you might find that concrete is the strongest option. Well, it surely is the toughest and durable option but isn’t very pleasing to the eye. The first priority of a retaining wall is holding the ground but it doesn’t mean the wall shouldn’t look good.

Today, the sky is the limit when it comes to retaining walls. There are different styles, sizes, materials, and shapes of retaining walls available in the marketplace. While the options are endless, picking the right one which matches your house and creates a unique look for your lawn is the tricky part.

However, not everyone has a similar kind of ground but we’re here to help you get started with some best Retaining Wall Ideas that will benefit you the most.

Top Best Retaining Wall Ideas for Your Backyards To Make Look Beautiful:

1. Flagstone Retaining Wall:


Flagstone Retaining Wall

This one is the most natural retaining wall ideas in which the wall is made of natural stone with varying sizes and shaped pieces’ puzzled together looks spectacular. This retaining wall is more of a dominating feature in the landscape rather than practical strong ones. With the rugged and rustic look, the retaining wall will become a talking point of your property. If you don’t like the irregularity of the stones, you can decorate it with lush greenery and give it a look of a nice landscape.

2. Smooth Concrete Retaining Wall:


Smooth Concrete Retaining Wall

If you want your property to look more modern then a Smooth Concrete Retaining Wall will give a gorgeous retaining wall façade to it. Concrete blocks come in many different shapes providing you the choice to follow the design you need. Also, a plain concrete retaining wall is like an empty canvas so you can add as many flowers and greens as you want.

3. Decorative multi-level Block Wall:


Decorative multi-level Block Wall

this kind of retaining wall is built up in multiple levels with a repeating pattern including ready-made planting surfaces. The round interlocks are made with precise measurements which gives it a symmetrical view as a perfect background for your landscape. Though this design is meant for a larger area it would look equally extraordinary when used for a small retaining wall.

4. The Patchwork of Stones:


The Patchwork of Stones

If you like it extraordinary, blindly go for patchwork style retaining walls. Few selective colors of stones intertwined together like a freshly knitted rug sewn by your grandmother give the whole wall a polished outlook. Instead of going very colorful or haphazard with this design, it’s better to pick some color matching with the patio for that cozy and warm homely appearance. Use slightly rounded stones and make sure to maintain continuity throughout the property.

5. Cylindrical Concrete retaining wall:


Cylindrical Concrete retaining wall

If you’re searching for a retaining wall idea that gives a very sophisticated and industrial style to your plot, then this one is for you. These designs are well suited for commercial plot or those upmarket houses that are architecturally contemporary. The concrete blocks used in this design are highly customizable as they come in various shapes, providing you the freedom to select the right form you need. This cylindrical wall is sturdy yet simple that it doesn’t essentially need to be the main feature and so, it can work as a natural background in a landscape.

6. Retaining wall with a wooden Barrier:


Retaining wall with a wooden Barrier

If you live in a lavish beach house this one particular retaining wall design will stand out in the area. This is not just a traditional stone wall, but there is an extra layer of wooden fence added as a barrier. Not that the wooden fence will give a solid backup to the wall, but the design itself is quite exclusive. The wooden fence basically used to separate the private property from the sidewalk and the street. A rustic wooden fence would be appropriate for a beach house to give it a stirring touch mingling with the refreshing environment. But you can use any kind of long-lasting wood to build the retaining wall according to your requirement.

7. Steel gabion Retaining Wall:


Steel gabion Retaining Wall

This steel gabion retaining wall is a modernized version of a tiered retaining wall. If you are considering having a green lawn then this is the best among all retaining wall landscaping ideas. The wall is like a cage filled will rock or concretes to stand the ground and protect it from wearing away. While the gabion retaining wall is one of the strongest ones, at the same time it is used to outline a lush green landscape as well. The use of varying texture and size of the stones contrasting with rows of hedges provides an eye-soothing balance between modern design and natural splendor.

8. Flower Bed Retaining Wall:


Flower Bed Retaining Wall

Everyone is not fortunate enough to have an even backyard. This flower bed is one of the best retaining wall ideas for a sloped backyard. Just fill the border of the yard with plenty of flowering plants and surround it with a half wall made of brick or stone. With the least hassle, it will serve you two purposes. The wall will give your ground a stronghold and the flower bed will freshen up the look of your landscape.

9. Multi-level Stone Terrace:


Multi-level Stone Terrace

Terrace retaining walls offers strength and prevent soil from eroding when heavy wind or storm hits. A terrace wall that is built with the wavering stone not only functional but also permits you to create an eye-catching landscape around it. The stairs made of irregular stones really complement the view of this scenery. As a multi-level stone terrace covers a large area use the corners and stairs and fills it with your favorite outdoor plants and greenery. The rugged surface of the walls embraces the bushes and creates a natural presence.

10. Curved retaining walls:


Curved retaining walls

Curved retaining walls has its own set of aesthetic and functional credentials compared to other types of walls. Either made of brick, stone, or concrete, curved retaining walls add a nice detailing to your lawn. Inward and outward curves are the two types of curved retaining walls among which you can choose according to your necessity. You can also turn it into a seasonal flower bed by adding some flowering plants or some shrubs and mulch for an eye-soothing green view.

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11. Sandstone retaining wall:


Sandstone retaining wall

The sandstone retaining wall is the perfect balance of contemporary design with a hint of heritage. Without seeming pretentious or fussy, it will serve all the practical purposes along with that classic vintage outlook. Though sandstone bricks are a bit expensive to buy, it will last at least a lifetime. So if you do not have a budget issue and focusing on quality and longevity, then you should invest in a sandstone retaining wall.

Conclusion: Best Retaining Wall Ideas 2021

Though retaining wall is an element of necessity, Making the most out of it can really change how you feel about the exterior of your home. There is adequately enough variation for you to choose from when it comes to retaining walls. You can make it big, small, modern, traditional, or use the most convenient material that fits your budget and other requirements.

Whichever retaining wall idea you choose make sure that it creates a feature piece for your outdoor area. Just an attractive retaining wall can change how you feel about the exterior of your home and urge you to spend more time in the open air.

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