Best Spikeball Set 2021: Buyer Guide With Recommendation

Best Spikeball Set

Top-Notch Spikeball Pro Kit 2021: Most of us aren’t familiar with the spike ball because of their newest entrance. But in a short time, the game has become the core of most players. It’s literally an excellent backyard and beach game. And so if you have never played this game, probably you are missing the sheer fun. Wanna get one for you and your family? Then it’s time to look for the best spikeball set in the market. This is where the real problem starts. According to the present condition of the market, finding an accurate product isn’t accessible anymore. So, what to do then? Luckily, we’ve found us. We have just completed our research and ready to provide our audience with some latest deals. But before we start, make sure to stick with us till the end.

This game was firstly launched in late 2008. From that, it has been played over four million players. The number has increased further due to its popularity. The game may appear a mix handball, volleyball, and even trampoline, and that’s why you will get combined fun of all these games at once. It will be a great item for playing with friends and family. They will not only enjoy this game but also improve their skills and performance. Okay, we aren’t going to waste much time. Let’s provide you with a list of the best spikeball set to make your finding task easier. Sounds interesting, right? So, let’s dive in!

Best Spikeball Set

You would probably want the best item that fits perfectly in your tight budget. Isn’t it? That’s why we have worked hard and performed intensive research on approximately thousands of products. It wasn’t an easy task, but somehow, we managed to gather the latest deals for you. 

Top 6 Best Best Spikeball Set 2021 (Top Picks Reviewed)

1. Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition):

Our review list starts with the Spikeball pro kit tournament edition. It is the same version that you have seen in the official tournaments. That’s why it has been titled as the tournament edition. It is particularly designed for competitive gameplay. So, if you are about to take this game seriously, then this game set is only for you. Okay, wait! There is something special for you. The manufacturer is going to provide you with free registration to a spikeball tournament. Isn’t that great? It will be helpful enough to encourage your playability.

The features and usability of this game set will definitely make you fall in love with it. However, you would definitely prefer a sturdy base of this game set, right? You will be happy to know that the rims of this game set are 33% stronger than others. The legs are too. This means it will not break or dive and has the capability to withstand extreme situations. Due to the high-quality legs, this playset will remain more stable on any surface. The set includes two balls, and each of them is added with more texture. As a result, they will provide you with better spin and precise control on every hit.

  • Includes two balls for two players
  • Comes with one free registration to a Tournament of Spikeball
  • The rims and legs are 33% stronger
  • The balls are perfected with added texture
  • Remains more stable on playing surface
  • A bit pricey

2. GoSportsSlammo Pro Game Set:


We have got the Gosportsslammo game set in the second position of our list. This game set has got everything that is needed for enabling its users with the utmost fun. That’s why it is considered to be an exciting lawn game for both the kids and adults. Unlike others, this set includes three balls. Two of them are competition-size balls and 1 for training. This means you can train one of your preferable players to learn the game and join you. Let’s see what else it can provide.

The set also has one slammo target (you can also call that spikeball target). Once again, you will prefer the maximum sturdiness of the target. And you will surely get that. Besides, the frame is integrated with four legs to keep the target at a stable position. This means you will be able to set the game set at every place on every surface. It doesn’t matter if you are going to use them on the beach or your backyard. Apart from that, the manufacturer of this game set offers a lifetime replacement warranty. In case any of the parts breaks, simply contact the customer support they will replace them for free.

  • Includes a slammo target and two competitive size balls
  • For the trainers, it has one training ball
  • Comes with a carrying case and game rules
  • Sturdy base
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • There is a chance that the frame may melt during hot weather
  • Leg’s don’t fold up

3. Spikeball Three Ball Kit:

Next, we have got the Spikeball three-ball kit. This one has a lot of similarities with its pro version. So, you will get what you have desired for. But you may not prefer the serious gameplay with the previous version. Then you can simply pick this one for your convenience. It’s because this game set is an ideal one for casual gameplay to share some fun time with your family. The target and the ball may not be as sturdy as the pro version, but it will still work. As you are going to play with your family, occasionally, there is no need for maximum sturdiness.

Most of the users face the problem while storing the game set. It happens because the design fails to provide its users with foldable legs. But if you are buying this game set, you won’t have to face that problem. The legs of this game set are completely foldable, and that’s why you can simply store them in your preferable trunk or in tight places. In fact, the set has a net that can be customized to manage the tightness. This means you will be able to set it based on your interest, and if you wish to enjoy it like the tournament standard, you can also get that.

  • Perfect for playing at the backyard and the beach
  • Foldable legs
  • Easy to store
  • Adjustable net
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Not as sturdy as the previous version

4. GoSportsSlammo XL Game Set:

After that, we have got the Gosportsslammo xl game set. You might be looking for a bigger spikeball game set. A wider game set is literally ideal for beginners. If you are really looking for one of these, you can undoubtedly pick this one. Unlike others, it features 48 inches net, which will provide you a 75% wider space than others. This means there will be plenty of space for playing precisely. So, you can play game two on two or even four on 4.

This game set features an innovative hook system on the rim. As a result, the rim shots get minimized, and the net hooks get hidden. So, you will be able to get the full usability of its low-profile rim. The legs of this set are 200% stronger than others. This means you will get the maximum amount of sturdiness that can withstand all the extreme situations. In order to maintain adequate stability, the legs are integrated with rubber. This is how it will remain stable on every surface.

  • Comes with 75% larger surface area than a standard game set
  • Low profile rim
  • 200% stronger legs
  • Rubber gripped
  • Maintains adequate stability on every surface
  • Larger balls
  • High-bounce net
  • The leg doesn’t fold

5. Funsparks Slam Ball Game:

While it’s not the cheapest Round net set on the market, this budget-oriented set unquestionably provides excellent value and exceptional durability. The frame and rim are made of PVC plastic, and setup is relatively easy, although the net itself can be tricky to install. It has a whole host of accessories and a couple of backup balls, just in case. It’s great for outdoor play, but since it doesn’t have the rubberized coating for the legs, if you’re playing on a wood or concrete surface you might have some problems with slippage.

The bright blaze orange color is a clear winner. The balls aren’t perfectly round, but to some degree, you get what you pay for, and this quirk doesn’t really interfere with the game. At about half the price of competitors, the set’s affordability makes up for some of the issues.

This Round net set excels as far as accessories go, and it includes a whole host of features that some more expensive models don’t even have. It’s got three balls, two of which are competition-sized, and one training-sized ball with a 12cm diameter. It comes with a drawstring carrying case, which is fine but feels a little cheap. Lastly, it’s got a pump to keep the balls fully inflated.

Although the frame is solid, the net is not as springy as it should be and that makes gameplay a little more difficult. Heavier use on this model can lead to the net unraveling. The hooks that attach the net to the rim have are not glued or screwed on and have an annoying tendency to fall off during setup and takedown, which is a design issue that other sets have avoided by attaching the hooks directly to the rim.

  • Includes extra balls and pump
  • Solid construction
  • Standard competition-size
  • Great price
  • Hooks fall off the rim
  • Net prone to fraying
  • Balls aren’t perfectly round

6. Jogenmax Spike Battle Ball Game Set:


Jogenmax definitely defies convention with this mainly metal Round net set, and we’re happy to see the innovation. Attention to detail is clearly here, as the hollow metal frame solidly supports the net. Each of the legs has a rubber suction-cup style base that works in indoor and outdoor environments. Unlike other sets, the legs are screwed directly into the frame. The rim is made out of metal as well and it locks into place during setup. It’s rock-solid, but it is on the heavier side.

The Jogenmax Spikeball set doesn’t break down like other sets, it simply folds up. The net doesn’t detach at all, so after you’re done playing, you can just tuck it neatly away in the included canvas bag. Its high price is justified by its solid metal construction as well as its full set of accessories.

The Jogenmax set doesn’t skimp on extras, and the set includes three balls, which are a bit bigger than the standard size used in competition. It comes with a pump as well as a solid, canvas carrying bag. The carrying bag is ‘duffel style,’ most other manufacturers include a drawstring bag you can wear on your back. Considering that this set is quite heavy, we’d prefer it came with a backpack style carrying case.

Jogenmax clearly emphasizes durability via the Round net set’s rock-solid metal construction. The net isn’t replaceable but it holds its bounce very well, and due to its foldable design you don’t even have to worry about adjusting the tightness. The balls and pumps are the weak link here and feel a little cheaply made.

Jogenmax does offer a 60-day exchange/return/refund program, but not the lifetime warranty that we see come standard with most other manufacturers.

  • Metal construction
  • A full suite of accessories
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • Higher price
  • Cheap ball and pump
  • Heavy, hard to carry
  • Minimal warranty

Conclusion: Best Spikeball Set 

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Honestly, GoSportsSlammo is a great set- but these are original standard Spikeball set. Spikeball has swinging legs so it can be made level on any surface, which is important while playing. On the other hand, Slammo’s legs are sturdier than others. The balls that come with Spikeball are much thicker and have larger ridges while Slammo’s balls are larger up to 6″. Frankly, both of them are great with some greatest features. It’s up to you what you choose.

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