Best Throwing Knives 2021: Tops Picks to Level Up Your Game!!

Best Throwing Knives

Complete Guide & Reviews For Throwing Knives: Throwing a knife is a popular sport among all sports. All in all, Knife throwing is an art, sport, combat skill, or variously an entertainment technique. In such a way where the knife throws for aim at the knife hits and pierces, it is similar to archery. in the US and European countries, some people pursue it as a sport.

One thing is essential to keep in your head that a knife throw happens instinctively, without thinking, much like walking or riding a bike. And also, you get to know some physics for playing this game correctly. If you wanted to play this game, you would need to know which knives are the best option for perfect throwing. And for you, we have decided to make a complete buying guide and review for your benefit.

Top 10 Best Throwing Knives with Pros & Cons:

1. Smith & Wesson Six 8in Stainless Steel Throwing Knives Set:



Smith and Wesson steel throwing knives set is one of the best knives set among all the knives set. This has a special purpose tactical folder, concealable fixed blade, self-defense tool, or a multi-tool and solid Lockback design. Their knife has many features like assisted opening, thumb knobs, safety locks, full tang designs, and ergonomic grips. These knives are made of top quality materials and designed for rugged use, and will perform yearly. Since the mid-1800s, these knives are the most well-known weaponry manufacturers.

  • It’s a very reasonable and affordable price
  • It’s so durable
  • It has a nylon belt sheath that holds all 6 knives
  • The balance of these knives is very well and makes you more confident when you throw this
  • . If you throw violently or roughly, it may break

2. Perfect Point Series Throwing Knife Set:




Perfect Point RC-1793B Series Throwing Knife Set is the most affordable price range for you. It is very well balanced throwing knives. You can find it in all sizes and shapes. In 1982 a family-owned business and now this one of the largest wholesale knives manufacturers in the United States. The color of perfect point RC-1793B  is either black or silver, and it features a steel blade; and the length of this knife is overall 8inch long. They provide 3 pieces of well stainless steel blade knife. A stylish spider decoration and laser cut-out end enable you to tie ribbons to each of the knives to make this more beautiful.

  • It has Includes black nylon sheath for easy and safe transport
  • Provides 3 pieces of knife set
  • This size is very comfortable for gripping and throwing
  • The design of the knives is very well balanced
  • It may wrap sooner

3. United Cutlery Expendables Kunai Thrower Set:




The United Cultery Thrower set is Crafted from the highest quality materials. Lee Christmas uses in The Expendables movie. This knife set provides 3 pieces of knives, and these are very perfectly balanced constructed of a single piece of black anodized steel. It’s an overall 12inch l. 6 1/2inch double-edged blade.

Black cord-wrapped handle with finger hole. Compared to the most known knives, United cutlery Thrower is a very different size, and it’s pretty noticeable. This throwing knife set comes with a nylon belt sheath, complete with a leg strap and belt loop to hold. If you practice with this knife, you can increase your skill. Cause it’s more comfortable to grip, and for that, you can easy-to-access position as you practice or compete.

  • It’s very durable and you can practice it violently it won’t break easily
  • The blade of this knife is very sharp
  • Very well balanced and easy to handling and gripping
  • Nylon belt sheath with leg strap and belt loop
  • This handle is cord- wrap
  • Price is high

4. SOG Throwing Knives with Sheath Balanced Throwing Knives Set:



SOG very well knew to throw knives set. It’s also a very highly rated knife. It’s Perfect practice throwing knives for professional throwing knives. This knife made with black stainless steel and the blade measure 4.4 inches long and overall length is 10 inches that make the knife larger.

This knife is more durable and generic material art. SOG knife is traditional. SOG also provides 3 pieces of throwing knife set. This thrown knife set hones to your skills with every throw. This knife is not only durable but also very lightweight and exceptionally sharp. These knives handle wrapped in a removal paracord, so you can change the grip.

  • The handle is large for better grip
  • removal paracord so you can change the grip.
  • The blade is so sharp for simple target puncturing.
  • Very durable and lightweight
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Expensive
  • Sometimes not found in store

5. Whetstone Cutlery 12 Piece Set of S-Force Kunai Knives:



The Whetstone Cutlery 12 Piece Kunai Knives Set is made with Stainless Steel, Double-Edged has a nylon Carrying Case with Velcro Closures and Belt Loop. This throwing knife is the largest set of throwing knives. It provides 12 knives, and the blade length is 3.125 inches. The knife dimension is 6. 5 x. 375 x 1 inch, and the case dimensions are 4. 75 x 8. 125 x 1. 5 inches. It has a corded handle for a better grip. The design of this knife is very charming and beautiful.

  • It’s the second most affordable price on our list and also has 12 knives
  • Durable and made with stainless steel
  • These knives give a carrying bag with velcro straps
  • For better grip, it has cord wrapped handle
  • After multiple throws, the cord may undo

6. SZCO Supplies Heavy Throwing Knife Set:



SZCO Throwing Knife Set is also a perfect knife set. It’s a very heavy-duty throwing knife. This knife is overall 10 inches and made with stainless steel. It provides 3 pieces of a knife set. This knife comes up with a sheath. But the design of this knife is very normal.

  • Well balanced
  • Slim so easy to throw
  • It’s durable to heavy use
  • Sometimes not found to the store

7. Perfect Point Throwers (6-Piece):


The perfect Point Thrower set is very highly rated because of this color collection. The size of this knife is overall 5.5 inches and provides 6 pieces of a knife set. These throwing knives all have a black handle,, but the blade color is either a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple grinding line. This knife is made with stainless steel. The balance of this knife is very well,, and also it comes up with a nylon sheath bag.

  • Black handle and different blade color
  • Includes nylon sheath
  • Price range is high

8. Aero blades Skull Head Throwing Knife:


Aero blades Skull Head Throwing Knife set is a very unique design because of this handle has skull head design. The size of this knife is overall 6inches long and blade length is 2 ¾ inch and blade thickness is 3 MM. This blade made of 3CR13 Stainless Steel. It provides 3 pieces of knife set and it’s come up with Nylon Sheath.

  • Very thick and sharp
  • Cool design
  • Good quality
  • It may wrap sooner

9. Avias Knife Supply Throwing Knife:


Avias Knife Throwing set is perfect for beginners. The quality of this knife is very high, but the price is not so high. It’s a sort of value for money without sacrificing quality. It provides 6 pieces of knife set with a nylon sheath. The size of this knife is overall 9 inches. It’s very well balanced and lightweight. The ten color selection choices make it perfect for individual customization.

  • Well balanced
  • Thinner
  • Comes up with Nylon sheath
  • After multiple throws, the cord may undo

10. Cold Steel GI Tanto Throwing Knife:


The Cold Steel 9733 80PGTK GI Tanto Throwing Knife is an ideal technical knife. You can do anything from it. You can do cutting chopping and also you can do sports with this knife. The Cold Steel 9733 80PGTK GI Tanto Throwing Knife is a very tactical knife style because of this GI Tanto point blade.

The length of this knife is overall 8inches long. The blade of this knife is very sharp and thin, and also this knife is very durable, and you can use it very long-lasting. This knife can use advance and also for beginners. The weight of this knife is distributed very perfectly so that the knife is very well balanced.

  • It comes up with Nylon sheath
  • Durable, sharp, and thin
  • Well balanced
  • Only one color

Things To Consider Before You Buy 

The Type of Knives Available:

It’s important to know about a different kind of throwing knives. You become more advance if you know about these types. There are four various types of throwing knives:

  • Kunai Knives: kunai is a Japanese word, so you already know that kunai knives are Japanese style throwing knives. Who has incredibly more skill than others these people usually use this knife? In another word, it’s a Japanese tool for farming. These knives are made from soft iron. These knives are sharper than other throwing knives.
  • Balanced knives: Usually, Balanced Knives are for beginners. The handle of this knife is overbalanced. this knife is shorter and very well balanced.
  • Blade-heavy Knives: These Blade-heavy Knives also for beginners or start users. The weight distribution of these knives is easy to make piercings on the aim. These knives are usually thrown best at up to 5 meters.
  • Handle-heavy Knives: This Handle-heavy Knife is used for advanced throwers. The weight of this knife is very correctly distributing for easy to aiming. It’s also usually thrown best at up to 5 meters.

These different sorts of throwing knives make you help chose a knife for the practice. And also who is an advance thrower they are can choose a knife from there. It depends on your skill that how you can. If you are a beginner or start user you can choose a blade-heavy set of knives, and also balanced knives are another best option for beginners to practice. on the other hand, if you are advance or professional, you can choose Kunai knives and handle-heavy knives that can be your better option for throwing knife sets.

Best Throwing Knife Set Brands

Already you know that there are so many brands which give you the best throwing knives although all brands are not perfect for you. So we are decided to take top brands and their manufacturers for you before you purchased.

  • BladesUSA: BladeUSA makes Asian style weapons and also various throwing knives. It is one of the best weapons manufacturers company and very well known all over the world.
  • Smith & Wesson: Since 1852, Smith and Wesson also one of the best American weapons manufacturers. Smith & Wesson makes guns, knives, and other weapons. For almost 200 years, this company has the perfect trade of making weapons for self-defense and sport.
  • SOG Knives: since 1986, SOG Knives is a weapon manufacturers company. This company makes military-style weapons. SOG knife is very famous and well known for the army. They made their weapons in the USA. They sell their weapons to American workers and consumers and also to the army.
  • Whetstone Cutlery: Whetstone cutlery is very well known for folding knives. This brand makes very various styled and well-designed knives. It’s all very durable and looks so excellent so that you can use it very correctly.
  • United Cutlery: since 1984, United Cultery is a weapon manufacturers company. These knives are very durable and of very good quality. They also make swords. And their weapons are all getting a very affordable price.

Verdict: Which One to Choose Best Throwing Knives?

We give you more options to choose what type of knives set you want. Here we discussed all knives so that the beginners or start users and the advanced users can detect what sort of knife they need and purchase it. Above them, I would like to suggest you buy Aeroblades Skull Head Throwing Knife as it has very high quality and is also at a reasonable price.

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After all research and listing, you can find the most durable and affordable price knife here. These brands are manufacturers their knives and various weapons for many years. So lastly, choose your brand and enjoy your play.

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