Best Tree Stump Killers 2021: Top Picks Used & Reviewed

Best tree Stump Killer

Best Tree Stump Killers 2021 for Hassle-less Extraction: Do you have an unwanted stump around your home or garden and you desire to get rid of it at all costs? Do you want to improve the garden’s aesthetic and make it much presentable by removing or getting rid of the remnant of large trees lying around?

Then you should think about getting tree stump killers that will help you get the work done in a matter of time (weeks or months). There are so many brands and types of tree stump killers out there that can be conveniently used for getting rid of tree stumps but being ascertained of the quality of these products can be very disturbing.

Getting rid of tree stumps is an important part of field maintenance practices that must be properly carried out but getting the right stump killer for that plant base can be very difficult and stressful. Tree stump killers are well-designed to be able to kill stumps well even to the root region of the tree leftover and in most cases, it can be added more than once in most cases.

The various tree stumps killer that is available around the market are usually very toxic to the human body since they are generally produced from chemicals and as a preventive measure whenever you desire to use any of these products, you must always put on protective gears such as face mask, nose mask, hand gloves, and overall as they can damage the body tissue with just a simple touch.

We have made it easier for you by helping you find a list of the best tree stump killers that you can find in the market and can be assured of its functionality. We will also help you with some of the important things to look out for when on the lookout for the perfect stump killers for that stump.

We have helped you make the necessary research and prepared a well-informative review of some stump killers so you should read further to learn more about the best stump killers there is.

Top 8 Best Tree Stump Killers 2021: Top Picks Reviewed

1. Spectracide HG-66420 – Best Budget Stump Remover:


  • Active Ingredients: Potassium Nitrate
  • Capacity: 16 fluid ounces

If you’re looking for a highly effective, low-cost stump remover, you can’t go wrong with Spectracide HG-66420. This budget stump remover uses potassium nitrate as its active ingredient, which is highly effective in destroying stumps. It works by making the stump porous and accelerating its rate of decomposition.

The formulation is very easy to apply. You simply pour the granules into holes that have been drilled in the stump. Another thing to love about this stump remover is that it is odorless and will not produce those uncomfortable smells that other products bear. It also spares the surrounding vegetation from harm as you focus on removing stumps. We noted two potential drawbacks of Spectracide HG-66420. First, it requires you to drill holes into the stump for effective application and optimal results. This process may demand more time and effort. Second, since this is a stump remover, you need to kill the stump first using another product.

  • Affordable stump remover
  • Easy to apply
  • Odorless
  • Won’t harm wanted vegetation
  • Stump preparation takes extra time and effort
  • Stump removal requires prior treatment

2. SeedRanch Root Killer- Best High-capacity Root Killer:


  • Active Ingredients: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
  • Capacity: 160 fluid ounces

This formulation is specially designed to clean ponds and rid them of mosquito larvae and algae. It comes in handy if you have a pond on your farm that you need to make pest-free. It also doubles as a fungicide, which eliminates powdery mildew and also an antiseptic that will destroy household germs very effectively.

If you continuously worry about roots that clog septic tank pipes, then you’re in luck because these SeedRanch copper sulfate pentahydrate crystals will kill roots that clog your pipes. You can also use this treatment as a wood and canvas preservative to prevent dry rot. A potential downside of the SeedRanch Root Killer is that it comes in a thin, non-resealable plastic bag, which can be cumbersome to handle especially once opened.

  • Large capacity
  • Also cleans ponds
  • Removes roots that clog tanks
  • Can treat wood to prevent rot
  • Comes in a thin non-resealable bag

3. Roebic K-77-2LB – Best Root Killer:


  • Active Ingredients: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
  • Capacity: 32 fluid ounces

Roebic K-77-2LB is a special formulation built for fast destruction of roots that clog your septic tanks and other plumbing systems. The treatment is also safe for all your plumbing and will not harm septic tanks. It is, therefore, ideal for residential settings with plenty of tanks and extensive plumbing. It will target roots at their point of entry into pipes preventing their re-growth. It is also non-corrosive so you don’t have to worry about it destroying your pipes, even with long-term usage.

The chemical won’t damage surrounding trees, ground cover, or the natural bacteria that may be present in septic tanks. Since you can use the chemical in septic tanks to eliminate clogging roots, you will also be saving digging and rooter services. We noticed that the Roebic K-77-2LB does not always dissolve completely so caution is necessary when using it in drains.

  • Safe for plumbing and septic tanks
  • Targets roots at their points of entry
  • Does not damage surrounding vegetation
  • Saves digging and rooting costs
  • May not dissolve effectively

4. Ortho MAX 0473010 – Best Triclopyr Stump Killer:


  • Active Ingredients: Triclopyr
  • Capacity: 32 fluid ounces

This is the best triclopyr stump killer because the concentrate destroys over 60 types of tough weeds and brushes.

It kills a varies of invasive plants including poison oak, poison ivy, wild berries, and the kudzu that constantly intrude on your house and other structures.

Tough and brush weeds are also not spared by this stump killer. One impressive property this product

  • Kills over 60 kinds of invasive brushes
  • Rainproof after 2 hours
  • Reasonably priced
  • It may take some time to work
is that it becomes rainproof within 2 hours of application especially on stumps.

You will also get 32 fluid ounces of the treatment for a very reasonable price. Considering the chemical destroys over 60 different plant types, you are getting a lot of value for money.

We did note that even though Ortho MAX 0473010 is very effective in killing many types of woody plants, it does not work instantly, and may take some time before you can achieve your desired results.

5. BioAdvanced 704640B – Best Stump Killer Concentrate:


  • Active Ingredients: Triclopyr
  • Capacity: 32 fluid ounces

Stump killer concentrates are preferred because they can be diluted to expand the areas they can cover. BioAdvanced 704640B is the best stump killer concentrate in our list.

This concentrate can cover an area as large as 4000 square feet. It claims to have at least twice the coverage of major leading brands. Not only does it boast of wide coverage, but it also works to destroy over 70 types of brushes and weeds, in addition to stumps. Some of the popular species it targets include poison oak, kudzu, bramble, blackberry, and poison ivy.

You can apply it anywhere tough brush grows, including along fences, walkways, cabins, trails, and in wooded areas.

Also, this formulation becomes rain and waterproof about 4 hours after application, hence retaining its effectiveness. For optimal results, this formulation should be used when weeds and bushes have leafed out. Since the BioAdvanced 704640B is a concentrate, it may take some more time and additional accessories to prepare a solution every time you need to apply it.

  • Covers a large area
  • Destroys many brushes and weeds
  • Waterproof 4 hours after application
  • Kills stumps as well
  • May take some time and extra accessories to prepare
  • Active Ingredients: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
  • Capacity: 42 fluid ounces

6. Dow Tordon RTU – Easy-to-use Stump Killer:


  • Active Ingredients: Picloram, 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
  • Capacity: 32 fluid ounces

Starting us off is Dow Tordon RTU, which is an easy-to-use stump killer that does not require any elaborate preparations, and simplifies the process of tracking treated stumps.

The stump killer comes with a no-freeze formulation, which ensures the product is flowing freely even at very low temperatures.

A blue die is one of its core components, and its purpose is to help you keep track of all the treated stumps with ease.

Ease of use is also enhanced by the fact that no mixing or measuring is required when using this treatment. You just need to pour it into a squirt applicator and you’re all set.

You can also use it on over 20 woody species to prevent re-sprouts.

An issue we noted with Dow Tordon RTU is that it is very potent and capable of damaging other plants surrounding it. Hence, extra caution is necessary during application.

  • No-freeze formulation
  • Blue die helps in tracking treated stumps
  • No mixing or measuring required
  • Can be used on many species
  • Can damage other surrounding plants

7. VPG Fertilome 32295: Stump Killer for Non-Crop Areas:



  • Active Ingredients: Triclopyr
  • Capacity: 32 fluid ounces

VPG Fertilome 32295 utilizes the triclopyr active ingredient to attack a variety of unwanted plants in non-crop environments.

Count on this treatment to control invasive woody plants, vines, poison ivy within the proximity of your home, cabin, near buildings, trails, and even fences. The product comes with detailed user instructions, which help to ensure optimal utilization and outcomes. To treat an area of 500 square feet, you require 8-16 tablespoons per gallon, of the formulation.

You can also use it for stump treatment by applying the undiluted product with a paintbrush while ensuring complete coverage of the fresh-cut surface. If you are dealing with highly invasive species such as cactus and tree of heaven and others, VPG Fertilome 32295 is the ideal choice of treatment and will work even without spraying the roots.

A problem we noted with this formulation is that it can harm other good vegetation alongside the ones you’re targeting. So, caution is necessary when using it.

  • Controls unwanted plants, shrubs, and vines
  • Clear user instructions
  • Also treats tree stumps
  • Works great on invasive plant species
  • Can harm surround good vegetation

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8. VPG Hi-Yield 11484 – All-round Stump Killer:



  • Active Ingredients: Triclopyr
  • Capacity: 16 fluid ounces

If you’re looking for an all-round stump, weed, and vine killer, you can’t go wrong with VPG Hi-Yield 11484. This triclopyr formula works great to control undesired woody plants, poison ivy, vines, and many more invasive species. Beyond small plants, it is also effective in destroying both freshly-cut and dry tree stumps.

Just like the VPG Fertilome 32295, it is recommended for use around homes cabins, buildings, trails, fences, and other non-crop areas. It is also easy to use. You simply apply the undiluted product over the freshly-cut surface using a brush while ensuring complete coverage. A potential drawback of the VPG Hi-Yield 11484 is that since stump treatment requires applying the chemical undiluted, you may require large quantities if you’ll be dealing with many tree stumps.

  • Treats, weeds, woody plants, and stumps
  • Great for use around homes, cabins, and buildings
  • Destroys freshly-cut and dry stumps
  • Easy to use
  • Treating many stumps may require a lot more fluid

Verdict: Best Tree Stump Killers

Our stump killer reviews say plenty about the products, but the one thing they won’t do is tell you which one to buy. That choice is still yours, but we can help to make it at least a little bit easier. If you want to make certain your unsightly stump bites the dust, choose the SeedRanch Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Crystals. This product is fast-acting and efficient, making it a great choice for your stump removal needs.

If you need to keep the budget in mind, you might find a friend in our best for the money pick. Spectracide HG-66420; Ortho MAX 0473010  is praised both for its affordability and its effectiveness, making it a competitive choice. Of course, thanks to this guide you’re now something of an expert on stump killer, so you can get the best one for your yard.

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