Best Tree Swing Ideas 2021: Affordable Innovative Ideas to Try!

Best Tree Swing Ideas

Adorable Tree Swing Ideas for Your Backyard: The tree swing is something that brings back so many happy memories from our childhood. Till the 90’s a tree swing in the backyard was mandatory for every house with kids. Back then, there were no Computers and PlayStations, so the kids used to play outdoor with tree swings, slides, dollhouses, garden climbing fences, and all. Kids nowadays will never know that there is nothing more jubilant like swaying on an outdoor tree swing with friends.

At that time, the older generation was experts in making different styles of tree swings. These days, it’s rare that the parents have enough time or skills to make a tree swing for their kids. Thanks to ready-made swings producers and DIYs, with the help of these, some houses still using tree swings. If you want kids to enjoy their childhood to the fullest instead of just staring at a tablet screen, then you should consider setting up a tree swing for kids in your backyard.

Not just the practical benefits, a tree swing looks really trendy hanging in one corner of your yard. With summer upon us, it is the perfect time to buy swings for trees in the backyard or DIY your own tree swing. You will be able to enjoy your evening playing with kids in the fresh air while being comfortable and relaxed.

Kids will get infinite enjoyment out of an at-home tree swing, and it will also encourage them to spend more time outdoors. As more and more people are showing interest in ready-made tree swings, there are hundreds of varieties available in sizes, shapes, and materials. You can make one by yourself by following DIYs as well. All you need is a tree, a rope, and a little bit of creativity. Here are the best ideas to build a comfortable and visually appealing tree swing suitable for both children and adults.

DIY Best Tree Swing Ideas with Rope, Wood Seat, or a Tire:

1. Traditional tree swing:


Traditional tree swing

Traditional tree swings were as simple as they could be. Made out of only ropes. While swinging, you can use a stool or a pillow for sitting over it. Though they are not very comfortable, you can make one instantly wherever you want. Think about camping somewhere far away. Even then, you can hang a tree swing and relax. All you need to is, find a tree and rope for a tree swing.

2. Wooden Rope Swing:


Wooden Rope Swing

The wooden rope swing is just like traditional tree swings with a wooden seat attached to it. By a tree swing, people generally think of this classic tree swing. It is a perfect swing for kids and also works well as a tree swing for adults. And guess what, the making is as easy as you can imagine.

First, find a strong tree and clear out the obstructions such as bushes, structures, or other trees around it. Select a branch that you are going to use for hanging the tree swing. Take a wooden pallet, cut it, and give it your desired shape. Drill two small holes at each end of the seat, keeping a 1-2-inch gap from the end. Now, if you like to paint it with outdoor enamel paint, it will protect your wood from damage and give a nice shade as well. Make sure the inside of the holes at the two edges is thoroughly coated too. Previously people used to tie the rope directly to the branch, but for added safety, it is better to attach a chain to the branch and then tie the rope tightly with it.

After you are done knotting, seal the loose end of the rope by melting it using a lighter. Now it is time to attach the wooden seat. Thread the rope through the holes at each end of the seat and washers underneath. Tie a knot with each rope to hang it around two feet above the ground. Check properly if the knots are strong enough to carry weight. That’s it; your amazing tree swing is ready to go for a spin.

3. Comfortable Rope Swing with Pillows:


Comfortable Rope Swing with Pillows

These types of tree swings are also called hammock chairs. If comfort is your first priority, then this one is for you. This swing is made of only rope and some extra-soft foam pillows. Once you have it ready, you can just float in this cloud of comfort, relaxing, listening to the sounds of nature around you.

Besides, a rope swing with pillows on your porch impresses people very easily and makes you look smarter and more talented than you really are. The specialty of these tree swings is they are ideal for taking naps! Also, it is portable sometimes, so you can use it indoors or outdoor wherever you want.

4. DIY Tire Swing:


DIY Tire Swing

Tire swing might be the easiest tree swing to make, yet sometimes the simplest one can give you the greatest summertime pleasures. The tree swing kit you need for this swing is a big tree, a tire, and a rope. Like the traditional tree swing, tie one side of the rope tightly with the tree and hang the tire on the other end of the rope. Check if the swing is strong enough to carry weight before you let your kid play with it.

5. Chair Tree Swing:


Chair tree swing

Making a swing chair is a great way to use your creativity and reuse your old furniture. If you have an old chair or a broken one with 3 legs, you can turn it into an excellent swing without almost any hassle. First, chop off the legs of the chair. You can paint it or varnish it gives a polished look if you want. Then drill holes in both sides of the seat and in the top rail of the back. Tightly tie knots with a rope and hang it with the tree or the porch ceiling. But make sure you are choosing a solid armchair that is well constructed and is strong enough to hold an average person’s weight. If you want a family swing, then use a couch instead of a chair, and you’ll have a unique tree swing within no time.

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6. Skateboard Swing:


Skateboard Swing

Everyone must have an old skateboard in one corner of their garage.  A bizarre way to repurpose an old broken skateboard is to build a tree swing with it. First, find an unused skateboard and discard all the wheels. Carefully get rid of all the screws so your kid doesn’t get hurt. If you want to give it a nice look, scrape all decals with a wire brush and paint it to your liking. Once the paint dries, using a power drill, drill four holes in the two edges of the skateboard. 

Insert the rope in the holes and tie a knot to keep the rope in place. Your swing for the tree is almost ready; just hang it with a tree near your house. For added safety, you can insert two dowels with the rope so that your kid can keep balance holding that.

Conclusion: Best Tree Swing Ideas to Try At Home

From young children to adults, tree swings have been a favorite for centuries now. Not just as a medium of enjoyment, swinging using a rope swing allows the kids to develop good balance techniques. Swinging also helps you focus, providing a solid foundation for complex learning and behavior as they grow. There are thousands of options available for you to buy your tree swing but making one yourself for your child is always special. But it is very important that you make sure the swing is strong and safe for the kids while making it. Here we’ve tried to compile the most convenient and budget-friendly tree swings that you can make yourself. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas, and it has been helpful for you.

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