Best White Picket Fence Ideas 2021 for Your Backyard

Best White Picket Fence Ideas

All The White Picket Fence Ideas You Need to Know: When we dream of a perfect home, a deluxe green lawn lined with a bright white picket fence is always there for a good reason. The white picket fence has become a symbol of quiet and peaceful country life since colonial times. Though it is not as fancy as those luxurious suites, even the richest person will find peace for a moment in a small cottage surrounded by a white picket fence.

The appeal of a white picket fence is not just in its outlooks; it has many practical benefits as well. The picket fence was initially made of just wood and invented with the purpose of keeping kids and pets safely inside the house area, at the same time keeping others from stealing things or wandering around in the property. With time people, with their creative minds, developed much more use of a picket fence.

House with white picket fences are surely very traditional in style, but it is well incorporated in modern houses as well. Nowadays these picket fence has advanced in every way and available in enough different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any house. Just these fences surrounded by blooming flowers can enhance the overall appearance of your house without costing you a penny.

A picket fence can always be installed by professionals, but you can do it yourself by following some simple guidelines. Here are some delightful and convenient white picket fence landscaping ideas that you can consider for your house.

Top 10 Best White Picket Fence Ideas 2021:

1. Pointed Picket Fence:


Pointed Picket Fence

A pointed white picket fence is also widely known as the classic picket fence. The key feature of it is the sharp point used for keeping your kids in and intruders away. These white picket fences are not used strictly for security, so they are not very tall in size. The typical size of a picket fence is around four feet. These fences are generally made of hardwood, cedar, pressurized wood, and now it is widely available in polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

The most preferred color of a classic picket fence is clean white. Homeowners used to paint their fence every month to maintain the white glow. Now there are tons of primers and waterproof paint as well as readymade white painted waterproof fence available in the market for you to avoid all the hassle. Also, design variations are available like arched style, Georgian point, dual pickets, irregular heights, scallop designed, etc.

2. Speared Picket Fence:


Speared Picket Fence

Speared picket fences are getting popular day by day due to their widespread design variation compared to others. Also, they offer a high-security setting, which traditional white picket fences lack. Different types of speared picket fences are staggered-pressed spear picket fences; arched beauty pressed spear picket fences, old-world detail pressed spear picket fences, etc. These are very popular for residential purposes due to its quick and easy installation process.

3. French Gothic-style White Picket Fence:


French Gothic-style White Picket Fence

if you are looking for a rustic-chic décor for your home, then start with decorating your doorway using French Gothic-style White Picket Fence Ideas. These fences are made of distressed wood, so they give your exterior an artistic vintage look and adds mood to your house. With this setting as a border of your nicely landscaped patio, you’ll enjoy a small vacation spot just in front of your home.

4. White Picket Fence with Gate:


White Picket Fence with Gate

For a convenient entry to your fenced-in garden or front yard, a small gate is an essential element. If you want a cute and small gate that can be easily installed and would not costs much, then go for wooden white picket fences. There are varieties of fences available nowadays, including self-opening doors and readymade assembled ones. You can choose any type of gate that matches your house and other requirements.

5. Post-and-Rail Fencing:


Post-and-Rail Fencing

One of the oldest and most common rustic white picket fence styles is post and rail fencing. By tradition, these fences were made from the wood of American chestnut trees and used mostly in firms to keep livestock from straying. Nowadays, the design has advanced and used in houses to give a vintage appearance.

6. Garden White Picket Fence:


Garden White Picket Fence

who didn’t dream of the middle-class life in the suburbs living in a small cottage surrounded by a beautiful garden edged with some white picket fence? White picket fences are ideal for the home garden as you can plant them alongside the fences. The bright white color gives lively flowers a nice background and helps their color to shine. A lush garden at the lower edge of the fence also adds a visual appeal to your home and give it a more graceful outlook.

7. Cedar Fence Pickets:


Cedar Fence Pickets

Cedar picket fences are a combination of tradition and ingenuity. Cedar picket fence is getting more popular due to its pest and decay resistance. Unlike other wooden fences, cedar fences are highly customizable. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, grades, and designs. Dog ear, flat top, French gothic, and gothic style are the most accepted cedar picket fence designs

8. Symmetric and Asymmetric Fence:


Symmetric and Asymmetric Fence

The original picket fence style was not that flamboyant the way we see it now. If you want to keep the authenticity of the picket fences, then go with symmetrical ones. They are simple and safe compared to the pointed, gothic, and arched style white picket fences. At the same time, symmetric picket fences offer a calm, simple, and eye-soothing visual presence to your house.

If you find symmetrical picket fences a bit bland, then you can install asymmetric ones as well.  It gives the house a lively and exciting vibe. You can drop some layers of wild shrubs on the lower edges for beautification.

9. Separating Picket Fence:


Separating Picket Fence

A white picket fence is not just used as a boundary of your porch. It is also used in the front yard and back yard for other purposes like separating the garden, tying tree rings, making the pet house, and surrounding the small backyard fire pit. It is also used as a decorative element if you the luxury of a large yard.

10. Vinyl Picket Fence:


Vinyl Picket Fence

The vinyl picket fence is a great choice for you if you are looking for the best value at the cheapest cost. It is a plastic made flexible fence that will give you the longest service life and in low maintenance. As the material is plastic, it will not rot, blister or rust. Of course, you will have wood and metal as the fancier options, but they surely will cost you ten times more than vinyl. Vinyl picket fences come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles from which you can choose according to your convenience. The most overlooked matter with a picket fence is their constant cleaning and replacing needs. Go with vinyl and won’t have to worry about any kind of repair and replacement for years.

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Conclusion: Best White Picket Fence Ideas 2021

The most beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate your exterior is to surround your yard with a white picket fence. With the least investment and maintenance, it will give your house a dreamy landscape outlook. Though it has its own decorative style picking the right one matching the environment of your house is the trick here. Hopefully, the above mentioned white picket fences ideas will give you a head start with your plan.

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