Best Wiffle Ball Bat 2021: Top Picks to Improve Your Game!!


Reliable Wiffle Ball Bats in 2021: Wiffle ball is a variation of baseball created by a father, David Mullany, who was looking for a better way to teach his boys to throw pitches past each other. It was changed to be able to play indoors or outdoors in small or large areas. A few smart marketing tricks later, Wiffleball began to get played sandlots, picnics, and backyards.

Wiffle Ball originated in Shelton, Connecticut and the creators started making their own plastic bats and balls as they kept breaking windows with baseballs. Special equipment was needed so that they could safely play in backyards. In the 1990s, Wiffle Ball leagues have been quite popular in the country with thousands of dollars of cash prizes, which is a huge incentive to teams all around to train.

Top 6 Best Wiffle Ball Bat to Improve Your Game

1. Easton Pro Stix Training Set:



The design, feel, and customizability makes the Easton Pro a favorite amongst many beginner and amateur players. The Easton Pro Stix 1000 is made of plastic and is 33 inches long. Although you can only find it in black color, it has a nice wood-grain finish that makes it look pricier than it actually is.

The end of the bat features a nice knob at one with a taper that makes it look like a baseball bat. Now another bonus is that the handle is not very thin, so you can add a leather grip if you find it lacking. This bat is quite stiff as it is made from hard, inflexible plastic. If you plan to use this bat with only Wiffle balls, longevity will not be an issue, and it should last for 4-5 years easily. But if you use it with a hardball, this bat will not be up to the job.

Performance-wise, the Wiffle ball as good as it has an extended sweet spot and can suit all kinds of players, even beginners. The bat does come with a ball, which is quite hard and not suitable for kids.’

  • Great design
  • Easy to handle
  • Suitable for tall players
  • Wobbly when you swing hard on it

2. Blitzball 6-Player Champions BlitzBall Set with Soft Grip Handles:


This gear is perfect for beginners and is colorful for better visibility. The bat is blue in color, while the balls are yellow. Weighing 10.2 ounces, the blitzball bat is on the heavier side of the scale but has enough weight to allow a fast swing. We would recommend this bat for anyone beginning their sporting journey.

The barrel is medium-sized, which will suit the gameplay of most people, even children. The length is also average but I do not go using this to play real baseball. The balls are not perforated as most Wiffle balls, so you will find it difficult to create curves.

While the handles are not padded, they are comfortable to hold and should not slip even if you get sweaty. We’ve also noticed that both the bat & balls withstood heavy hitting. Although Blitzball has not advertised the set to be weather-proof, we were not too concerned with the set cracking up in hot weather.

  • Great accompanying free balls
  • Excellent visibility
  • Fast-moving, non-perforated balls
  • Not friendly for kids under the age of 10

3. Louisville Slugger Replica Bat:
Best Wiffle Ball Bat

Heard about the Louisville Slugger c271? If you follow major league baseball, this bat may remind you of the bat used by Ken Griffey. Of course, this one is made of plastic. Do not worry about this bat looking cheap as it has exterior wood-grained plastic. This feature might have you biased towards it, and why not! There is no harm in wanting to camouflage a plastic bat into something more premium. And since it is black in color, it looks minimalist in design. With a length of 34 inches, this is perfect for teens and adults but can be a little annoying for kids to use.

The Louisville Slugger is one of the few bats that can perform equally well as the more expensive Easton Pro Stix. One major difference is that the Slugger has a medium-sized barrel, which allows you to hit the ball hard, while the Easton has a large barrel.

With this purchase, you will also get a white Wiffleball made of plastic.  Now since this set is quite inexpensive, we cannot have high expectations with the ball.  It’s best that you order a specialized Wiffleball online to go with the bat.

  • Uses high-quality plastic
  • Replica of the Louisville slugger used in the major baseball leagues
  • These bat and ball are Made in USA.
  • The plastic ball is not very good in terms of quality

4. Wiffle Ball Bat:

Nothing can replace the charm of classics, am I right? This lemony yellow bat is actually manufactured by the company that created the game of wiffle. We’re sure that if you’re a 90’s baby, you would have seen this bat around for sure. At a length of 32 inches long, this bat is the right size for adults and kids who can handle the weight. It is quite hollow from the inside, which makes it light enough for kids to handle. This classic wiffle bat has a limited flight, which is handy for those in limited playing space.

Durability is the USP of this bat as it is made of strong plastic. As long as the bat is being used for its intended purpose, it will last for years. It has a smooth surface with slight texture in the handles that improves grip. You’d need to purchase a ball separately, but that’s not too big of an issue.

  • Pros:
  • Good value for money as it comes in a set of 2 bats
  • Safe for kids of all ages
  • Nostalgia factor may inceltivize
  • Some people might find the width the barrel to be thin

5. GTSOH Bat for Wiffle Ball Plastic with Wooden Handle:


The GTSOH is different from all the other ones on this list because it has premium features like a wooden knob and a tape grip for better grip and feel. This bat has a length of 34 inches and has black tape around the handle that provides a much better grip than plastic ones. You can bet that this bat can actually handle perforated Wiffle balls as the original game wanted it to be.

The barrel is quite wide at 2.5 inches, which allows the player to go for those hard pitches and fastball throws. While the GTSOH bat isn’t the cheapest, it is still reasonably priced for its features and good quality. They don’t come with perks like free balls, though.

  • Good quality with a wooden knob and pre-taped handle
  • Wide barrel to allow for hard hits
  • Good for more seasoned players
  • Some reviewers did not find the bat to be weather-proof

6. Wiffle Ball 6 Baseballs Official Size:

If you’re not ready to purchase a prime-quality Wiffle bat and just want something basic to try out the game, this is a good choice for you. Now, this Wiffle ball set is a steal for its price as it is a set with 2 yellow Wiffle bats, 6 white Wiffle baseballs, 5 pieces throw down bases with a home plate, pitcher’s plate, and three base set and a fun NOIS tissue pack.

This bat is 32” in length, which is quite long and making it great for teens and adults. It is lightweight, although the quality does not suffer as it is made of tough, rubbery plastic.

The balls are not on the lighter side, and this is a good sign as they need to have some weight to be thrown far. They are pretty colorful and don’t seem like they will fade even after heavy usage. They are also weather-resistant, so there’s no hurry to gather them right after your game. Most importantly, they are perforated, which will give it enough momentum to be thrown far and wide.

The bases and home plate that come with this set are about one square foot, while the pitching plate is 1 foot wide. They are also made of durable rubber that can be washed, is durable, and flexible. While some may find the bright orange jarring, it is colored with the purpose of being easy to spot when running the bases. This whole set weighs less than 4 pounds, which will give no trouble carrying around.

  • Is a full-fledged set with washable throw-down mats
  • Lightweight, which makes it portable
  • The vibrant color of the mat allows greater visibility while pitching.
  • Bat is lengthy and can withstand fast balls
  • Expert players may not like this set

Verdict: Best Wiffle Ball Bat to Choose?

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Wiffle ball is a really fun way not only for your children but also for your adult friends and family to experience the outdoors and nature. At this point, anything that can distract from screens is good! Since they don’t require the strength and energy of baseball, beginners and amateur players will have an easy time picking Wiffleball up.

Most beginners choose The Easton Pro Stix 1000 for their first bat as it is quite cheap and popular. But if you have a little more to spend, the GTSOH uses premium materials like wood in its design that will give you professional touch without affecting performance. But go ahead and try any of the above-reviewed ones without worry!

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