How To Remove Carpet Tack Strips: Step by Step Guide

How To Remove Carpet Tack Strips

Removing process of Carpet Track Strips: Decorating the room is fun work and it needs some hard work too. There was a lot of work to do. You didn’t even know were there the things should set up. Removing the carpet tack strips are quite tricky also. There are some works that you don’t need any specialized, you can easily handle them.

But you need some methods to do those work. Carpet removing is quite easy but the tack strips are not. You will require several tools for this task. You need to collect them and then start work. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do your work properly. This a job that won’t be done only with hands because it can harm your hands. So you need to collect those tools for your betterment.

How To Remove Carpet Tack Strips (Tools Required):

You will need several tools for the task. Among them, the knife is optional. Using all these tools properly you can easily remove the tack strips leaving no damage.

  • Work Gloves

You won’t be able to finish your work if you injure your hands. As you will use many tools like hammers, pry bars, and other tools then you need some protective gloves to do reduce any risk of hurting your fingers. Because any kind of unexpected accident can occur anytime.

Custom Leathercraft Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

  • A Putty Knife

This tool is quite important because it works as a protective measure between the floor and the pry bar. In the process of removing these tack strips, you will have to apply force over the pry bar. It can also ruin your floor. So we would like to be aware while you use this knife. Otherwise, anything can go wrong. This tool is quite sharp so be aware and these tools are not very expensive though. You can find it in any store easily.

Warner 1-1/2″ ProGrip Flex Putty Knife


  • A Pry Bar

With this pry bar, you would be able to apply enough pressure to get nails out that helps to remove the tack strips all together. It will make your job easy and fast. The stainless steel construction helps to finish your task easily and it also mirrors polished finish. The product is not so expensive. It comes with two pieces set, three pieces set. It will finish his job finally

Titan 3-Piece Stainless Steel Pry Bar Scraper Set



  • Claw Hammer

Claw hammer is a tool that helps need to get the nails out. It is using the claw end to pull stray nails. This tool is essential. It works quite good and you need to take some caution before using it. So don’t forget to wear protective gloves before using it. This kind of hammer might be heavy so find out which one is durable and the grip is excellent. The Hybrid handle design is rounded for more comfort and fit. These tools are also not too costly. You will get it at an affordable price.

IRWIN Hammer



Cleaning Process: Heavy Duty Bags & Broom or Vacuum


How To Remove Carpet Tack Strips


Now you had finished your task. So you need to pick up all the mess and clear everything you did. To do all this you would require some tools as bags, brooms, or vacuums that will help you clean the room to prevent any loose item from hurting you or anyone walking around. You need to clear these mess because anything can happen if these mess is surrounding everywhere. It can hurt anyone.

Step One: Locating the Nailhead

The nailhead is locating over the tack strips. If tack strip is blocking to restore a hardwood floor then just grab a wide putty knife and slide it through the space between the tack strip and the ground. Then easily insert one pry bar right below the knife slid before. If your purpose is to cover a subfloor with a carpet then you must need to insert a pry bar below tack strip. Now you can check it out easily that the tack strip depends on what kind of task you are doing.

Step Two: Pulling Out The Nails

In the next step, you need to grab a hammer and use it to hit the other side of the pry bar and you need to do this task gently. If you put too much pressure or energy than it may lead to unexpected damage that can ruin not only the tack strip but the flooring too. If you do the task properly then it would be really easy to pop the nail directly from the floor in a couple of more tries. If your floor is made with concrete than you would need more strength as you hit on the pry bar.

Step Three: Removing The Remaining Nails

Use your hands by pulling pry bar free but you can use a putty knife to get it out. As well as you can proceed to insert both tools once again. But this time use it over the tack strip. Eventually, this process will allow removing the whole strip as long as you will pull off the nails. Repeat the process continues as long as you have gotten every nail out.

Step Four: Cleaning The Working Area

Once you pull off all the strip be sure you keep them on a safe container. You need to keep all the strips safe as it can hurt anyone as it has sharp edges. These strips are capable of enduring plenty of pressure without ripping. Clean all the area after finishing your task. Any residue left behind during, pick up all those wood pieces, loose nails, and any other residue otherwise anyone even you can get hurt by their sharp edges.

Step Five: Removing The Stray Nails

In the next step, you need to clean up all those tack strips. That area might have some strips so you need to check it off and make sure you need to get out all of them. If you need to make it clear off fast then the super tricky idea is to use a hammer’s claw end. Use it to pull all of them out, and finish off by putting them at a safe location.

Step Six: The Final Cleaning

If you had done all those tasks then congratulations on your hard work. If you are glad about your project then just Finish all the maintenance tasks around the room. Use a sweeper or vacuum cleaner, clean all the dust as well as small objects that might have escaped your sight. The tack strips are quite sharp so make sure you clean all the area after finishing the task as soon as possible. Otherwise, any occurrence can occur.

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Conclusion: How To Remove Carpet Tack Strips

This task is not very easy according to your imagination, as you need to maintain so many cautions. If you still feel up to the task may be getting assistance from a professional would be a good choice. Keep in mind that you need to remove this tack strips without damaging your wall, carpet, or floor. Then your task will flatter again. So you will want the tack strip out from your room as you need to change your carpet according to your decoration.

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