Best Obstacle Courses For Kids 2021: Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

Obstacle Courses For Kids

Top 12 Different Obstacle Courses For Kids: Obstacle courses are not only fun but also beneficial for children. It is quite important for them. It helps the children build their sequencing and memory skills. The course will also build strength and balance, helping to improve their sports and dance skills. These are just a few of the multi-benefits of building an obstacle course for kids in your backyard. Children enjoy these obstacle courses. They spend their time in this as they are playing any game. It will not only engage them physically but will benefit their development. It provides a wide range of proprioceptive, linear, side to side, and rotary sensory input.

Even when the kids are busy with their obstacle courses, you may get some free time to finish your job. Otherwise, all over time, these children disturbs a lot. This will leave you free to do, well, whatever you want. Obstacle courses for kids can be as short or as long as you want to make them. When your kids seem to tire of one layout, you can change the layout of the course for a whole new challenge! We have laid out easy and simple ideas to get your backyard obstacle course rolling.

There are different types of obstacle courses you can also set in your indoor place. Here are the Best Obstacle Courses For Kids.

Top 12 Obstacle Courses For Kids: Best Outdoor Game Ideas

1. Balance Beam:


The balance beams are always stylish. You can easily buy one of them or make one balance beam one yourself.

If you are thinking of making a balance beam at home, then you will need a wood post that is 4/4/8. To ensure the wood does not roll while walking on it, you will need to attach some footings. Use a 2 x 4 board cut into 2 pieces about 18 inches each. Place the cut pieced about 6 inches from each end. Secure with two wood screws. And if you are thinking of buying, then you would recommend you buy the balance beam.

2. Balance Buckets:


If you are trying to make an obstacle course for your children, then balance buckets are a perfect option. This obstacle course can be used both outdoors and indoors. Balance buckets are very famous in children. They love to play with them. But they are unaware of their physical agility will improve and balance by doing this obstacle course. You can easily get these amazing buckets on the link.

3. Frisbees:


Frisbees are a multi-functional tool. Kids love to play with frisbees. This game help to jump and stretch. Before starting a game, arrange a pattern or give a chance to your kids to make their own. We suggest using them as stepping stones! Lay your frisbees flat in a zig-zagged line. They stood them far enough apart because the kids have to really stretch or jump to reach them.

4. Pool Noodle Hurdle:


The pool hurdle is a great hurdle for kids. They are very cheap. You can create a hurdle by taping each end of the noodle to chairs or buckets of the same height. You can make your arching noodle hurdles if you do not have chairs or buckets to use. Just place two pens or chopsticks into the ground and put the noodle hole over each pen to create a noodle rainbow. Another idea is, take a leap over the first pool noodle and crawl under the second. It will be an over-under course for them. The kids will build agility as they increase their speed going over and under the noodles. On the Amazon site, you will get them easily. It does not even price too much. They come with some different bright colors that influenced the children. They are designed for the beach, swimming pool, light sabers, toys.

 5. Pogo Jump:


The pogo jump is a great skill developer for children. It helps a lot physically. Kids enjoy doing it. The kids jump from one starting point to the other point on their pogo stick. If your yard is not covered with heavy grass, then you can also arrange a point for your children to have a pogo jump. Their handles provide a comfortable grip with foam covered. It helps to get active and is a great exercise. It also develops motor skills, strength, and balance. Each bounce encourages the kid to keep going.

6. Hurdle Kit:


The hurdles are very kid-friendly. It helps to finish their own. It engaged with the activity for a long time. The kids generally do not finish their work, but this obstacle course is a great option to give them a lesson about how they should know to finish their job. The hurdles are kid-friendly and easy to set up. There is a start and finish flag along with rings that can be incorporated into your obstacle course. You would not need any extra tools. It has adjustable height hurdles, and a weaves pole.

7. Tunnel:


Usually, you may be seen mud crawl at the army camp instead of a tunnel. Many parks have this tunnel. The kids really enjoy passing through the tunnel from one side to the other. Now, you can arrange a toddler tunnel in your yard. They do not cost much. Comes at an affordable price. Their multi colors encourage the kids. They are very durable and easy to clean. It develops gross motor skills and problem-solving.

8. Slip ‘N Slide:


Slip ‘n slide is an amazing course for children. Make sure the obstacle course players have room for a running start and can slide to the finish line! If you are having multiple players racing at once, these racing slip ‘n slides are a perfect addition. It is a great option for summertime. You can also join your children in the summer water. If you have a pool in your backyard, then you do not need to worry.

9. Monkey Bars:


Monkey bars are a great strength builder for the obstacle course. It provides much strength and energy. The kid needs to hang for a long time, which provides building skills. It needs to set the direction that the monkey bars must be completed.

10. Trampoline:


Kids usually love to jump on the trampoline. It is an obstacle course also. It provides a very strong elasticity for the exercise trampoline when children play in the kid trampoline. It is a good source of exercise. The kid trampoline is made up of high-quality stainless steel and various accessories. You can arrange different procedures to perform on a trampoline. Like, jump high and grab a flag, jump and full spin, or ten seat drops. The trampoline can be settled in your backyard. So, you do not need to go to any other place with your children. These trampolines do not cost too much.

11. Wall Jump:

It is a common obstacle course for kids. It is also known as Ninja Warrior courses or adult obstacle courses. For a kids’ course, the wall does not need to be very high to give the feel of the wall jump. This can be as simple as a hay bale or short retaining wall to climb over. You also can build a small 3-foot wall from wood. A wall jump is sure to be a favorite obstacle. Try to change the obstacles as your kid learn all about those.

12. Pool Splash:


Whether you have a swimming pool in your backyard or not, placed a kiddie pool or underground pool. It is a perfect obstacle course for them. Think of a task that would be appropriate for the size of pool you have. It may be swimming a lap in the pool if your kids are old enough, with parent supervision, of course. If you are out of it, then you can also blow a pool sailboat from one end of the pool to the other end. And if you are using the kiddie pool, then the children may just need to jump on the pool and start splashing.

A Successful Obstacle Course

Do not take too much pressure when you are creating an obstacle course for your children. At first, gather all those ingredients you have in your backyard and slowly add them to your course. Think about other things that can help you in making some obstacles, as logs can be replaced as balance obstacles or cones to run around. Retaining walls can be used in place of a balance beam or as an obstacle to climb. You can use a swing set to incorporate the various elements into the course. You can add more tasks, such as moving the ball down a path with a stick.

Before buying any of these products, always check the material and strength. When purchasing items, choose items that can be used in a variety of ways, as hula hoops, pool noodles, and cones are versatile. These items can be used in many ways for new obstacles. If your kids start losing interest in one obstacle course, then arrange something new and brighter. That can attract them.

Otherwise, doing the same obstacle, they will get tired of it. So, always try to make new obstacles for them. You can also switch up how you play. This is a one-way path; each participant has weaved through the obstacles. The fastest time is the winner. Another way is to create teams. Each team member must complete the course. Time is stopped when the entire team crosses the finish line. If you add partner tasks, then kids will learn to value other participants. Team play also helps children to learn cooperation and the value of teamwork.

Conclusion: Best Obstacle Courses For Kids

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Making up an obstacle course in your backyard is a great way to benefit your child’s development. These courses seem like fun play for them. But, you need to keep in mind, these obstacle courses inherent skill-building in sequencing, balancing, and strength. You can make many different obstacles with just one product. Just make sure the obstacle includes balance, jumping, crawling, and climbing. For some additional fun, you can add a monthly water play as an obstacle course. It will make their interest more. Do these obstacle courses in your yard; they are great backyard activities.

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