Best Simon Says Ideas: How to Play Easy Techniques

Simon Says Ideas

Simon Says Game 100+ Ideas & How to Play: Most of us are familiar with Simon Says the game. Although none of us actually know who this “Simon” is or was, what we do know that it’s a fun and challenging game for the kids. Simon Says is one of the sports we grew up playing, whether in the backyard of our house, at the family picnic, on a sunny day at the beach, or even indoors. It’s a classic game with lots of activities, and kids still love the excitement of it.

In this guide, we take a trip down memory lane and gather what we know. How to play Simon Says, Simon Says ideas, how many players are needed, the activities and the rules, the skills learned, and so on.

How to Play Simon Says

Since it’s mostly a kids’ game, Simon Says is relatively easy to play. The great thing about the game is that you can play it with as many people as you like! You need at least three people for Simon Says but the more, the merrier.

Among the players, one of them has to be Simon. Remember that no matter how many kids are in the play, there can only be one Simon. Simon stands in front of the group of players, gives them commands that indicate what they must do. For example, if  “Simon says touch your nose,” then every player must touch their nose immediately. The rule of Simon Says is that you only have to obey the commands that start with “Simon Says.” If the designated Simon gives you the order saying just “Touch your nose”, then the players are not supposed to follow it. Those who follow commands that didn’t start with “Simon Says” are out of the show.

That is basically the objective of Simon Says game. Follow the directions that start with Simon Says and stay in the play as long as you can. The person who survives till the end by following “Simon Says commands”, gets to be the next Simon, and the game continues the same. If you become Simon, your target is to confuse the players with various directives that start with and without the phrase “Simon Says.” Play Simon Says with a twist at most of the turns, with different and unique Simon Says commands, and enhance the fun!

Skills Practiced in Simon Says Game

While Simon Says is a fun game with enjoyable activities to pass the time, it does have its merits. Almost all of the commands include physical activities, and in order to adhere to those, you need an attentive manner. You need to listen carefully, think fast, and act accordingly to play the game. It’s a great way for the kids to sharpen certain skills, and it’s also effective in the long run. Children’s minds are more open and flexible to outer knowledge than adults’. By playing Simon Says, they can train their body and mind to understand better, respond faster, and all in a fun way!

Key skills developed through Simon Says game:

  • Listening
  • Thinking
  • Balancing
  • Running
  • Skipping
  • Visual perception
  • Body awareness
  • Vocabulary

100+ Ideas for Simon Say

The key to increasing the fun and enjoyment to the maximum at Simon Says game is the variation of commands. In this case, your creativity and wit come into play so that you can imply different directions for the players to follow. We have listed more than a hundred awesome Simon Says ideas in the following to help you and the kids.

  • Simon says, rub your tummy
  • Simon says, pat your head 3 times.
  • Simon says, touch your ears.
  • Simon says, walk around in a circle.
  • Simon says, sit down.
  • Simon says point to that (a tree, a shape, anything)
  • Simon says play air guitar.
  • Simon says play air piano.
  • Simon says jump 2 times.
  • Simon says, clap your hands.
  • Simon says, touch your toes.
  • Simon says, touch your knees
  • Simon says act like a robot
  • Simon says touch your elbow
  • Simon says act like a monkey
  • Simon says touch your back
  • Simon says hug yourself
  • Simon says to put one arm in the air
  • Simon says stick out your tongue
  • Simon says meow like a cat
  • Simon says draw with your feet
  • Simon says swing a wand
  • Simon says moo like a cow
  • Simon says to sing a song
  • Simon says rollover
  • Simon says cry like a baby
  • Simon says blow a kiss
  • Simon says hop on your right/left foot
  • Simon says wave your arms like a bird
  • Simon says fold your arms
  • Simon says walk like a penguin
  • Simon says twist from side to side
  • Simon says lift one foot as high as you can
  • Simon says crawl like a baby
  • Simon says beep the horn
  • Simon says to brush your teeth
  • Simon says fold your arms
  • Simon says walk 3 steps backward
  • Simon says spin with your arms out
  • Simon says clap your hands
  • Simon says act like your best friend
  • Simon says sneeze
  • Simon says dance the ChaCha
  • Simon says bite your lips
  • Simon says act like a butterfly
  • Simon says walk on your knees
  • Simon says to climb a ladder
  • Simon says yawn
  • Simon says wink with your right/left eye
  • Simon says close your eyes
  • Simon says act like a fish
  • Simon says quack like a duck
  • Simon says bark like a dog
  • Simon says wiggle your toes
  • Simon says to make a sad face
  • Simon says do a cartwheel
  • Simon says gallop like a horse
  • Simon says put your head in your shirt
  • Simon says tickle your friend
  • Simon says wave goodbye
  • Simon says to cover your eyes
  • Simon says move like your favorite animal
  • Simon says to make a happy face
  • Simon says play the flute
  • Simon says say something in an alien language
  • Simon says take off one piece of clothing
  • Simon says comb your hair
  • Simon says disco dance
  • Simon says walk on your tiptoes
  • Simon says do a sit-up
  • Simon says to make a heart with your hands
  • Simon says talk like a robot
  • Simon says freeze
  • Simon says do jumping jacks
  • Simon says river dance
  • Simon says play your favorite sport
  • Simon says ice skate
  • Simon says wave hello
  • Simon says flap like a chicken
  • Simon says swim
  • Simon says tickle your feet
  • Simon says touch your armpit
  • Simon says act like a kangaroo
  • Simon says karate chops
  • Simon says sweep the floors
  • Simon says do a somersault
  • Simon says high five with the next person
  • Simon says stand in pairs
  • Simon says walk like a duck
  • Simon says smell your feet
  • Simon says touch your eyebrows
  • Simon says laugh like Santa
  • Simon says play air violin
  • Simon says look left/right/up/down
  • Simon says stand on one foot
  • Simon says put your hand on your hips
  • Simon says hands in the air
  • Simon says shake your right/left arm
  • Simon says thumbs up
  • Simon says turn like a ballerina
  • Simon says to wash your face
  • Simon says to wash your hands
  • Simon says walk like a zombie
  • Simon says tickle the person to your left
  • Simon says wiggle your bottom
  • Simon says scratch your head
  • Simon says scratch your nose
  • Simon says shake like jelly

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With the guideline and Simon Says ideas, we hope you have everything you need to teach the kids how to play Simon Says the game. It’s a game for all generations that will remain popular as a fun and easy sport to play at any time. Continue to come up with new activities for Simon says and never forget to have fun with it!

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