Kan Jam Review: Different Variation & Best Sets Reviewed

Kan Jam Review

Kan Jam Review: How to Enjoy the Yard Like Never Before. Kan Jam is a popular game in recent days. It becomes crazy popular for a simple reason. You can easily enjoy the game in your backyard. It does not require any long field or space to play. If you want to know the low down about Kan Jam, learn how to play it. Learn all the rules or get some advice on which Kan Jam set is right for you. It is not a hard game to learn. You can easily learn the games if you follow the rules accordingly. You will love this game. You can enjoy the game with your friends and family. You do not even need any field or big space.

What is Kan Jam? Kan Jam Review

Kan Jam is a popular outside game. It looks a bit like disc golf at first, but it is not. You need to throw a frisbee into a target (in this case, a Kan) and score to win. But the intricacies of this game make it a whole lot more fun. It is a lot more accessible for everyone to play. First of all, you need to arrange two teams of two people each and two Kans. Each team has to work together to score 21 points – no more, no less. Then you can enjoy it with the players. Find out some good Kan Jam to have a great match. We are giving you some of the lists of best Kan Jams around the world so you can easily buy them and play them.

1. Outdoor Game

Kan Jam Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game:

The size needs about 50 feet between each Kan and four willing participants. If you have any kind of wide space area or open space, you can enjoy the game. This set of Kan Jam comes with two Kans that you require. Kans are super easy to insert plastic tabs. Just insert three plastic tabs into the corresponding holes. Kan Jam decals to put on Kans and an official Kan Jam disc. All the instructions are included with the product. This set is portable enough to be carried away to the beach, the park. It is great for playing out in the yard at parties, get-togethers, or just when having some general family fun. This set is not very heavy and very portable to carry.

  • Easy for family or friends to join the game
  • Very portable
  • Lightweight
  • Don’t require any extra items to play
  • Super easy to insert the tabs
  • Not for the indoor game or on water
  • It wouldn’t hurt if it came with two discs instead of just the 1
  • Kans might fall sometimes
  • Do not hit hard

2. Indoor Game

Kan Jam Tabletop Mini Disc Game:

The Kan Jam tabletop mini disc game a better fit for you if you are looking for some Kan Jam that does not need to take it outside for playing. It only needs about 16 feet, so it makes a great game for office parties, dorm rooms, indoor birthday parties, or as an inexpensive substitute for ping pong. This set comes with two Kans, one disc, and with instructions. A good Kan Jam partner is not included. This mini Kan Jam is different from others. As it can be played in a 1v1 match as well as a 2v2. The instruction is along with the box. So it will help you to set up all the Kans and play too. If you are wanting to bring a game to an office party, keep it in your game room, or want to play indoors.

  • For both outdoor and indoor match
  • Simple to move around
  • Not too heavy
  • It doesn’t require more than two people to play
  • A fantastic option for indoor offices, parties or dorm rooms
  • Not for four people
  • Difficult to play with more than two players
  • It might be challenging to play outside
  • Wind affects the disc and knocks over Kans

3. Water Game

Kan Jam Splash Pool Disc Game:


In the name, they say splash that sounds like Kan Jam on the water. The Kan set comes with two specialized Kans that float on the water, a smaller Kan Jam disc, and instructions. This version of Kan Jam is a little difficult than to play the land versions. In this set, Kans are small and too tall for players in a pool. The disc is also tiny. So it can be difficult to deflect the disc. One consequence of having Kan Jam on the water is that it moves with the water, making Dingers, Deuces, and Buckets more difficult. You can easily enjoy this version of Kan Jam on the water. But before enjoying it, you must have to face difficulties. Because there are some unique drawbacks. This is made even more challenging by the small disc that does not glide like a frisbee very well.

  • Kan is float on the water
  • You can play with two people
  • Mini version so portable
  • Small disc and Kans are small too
  • Only for tall players
  • Difficult to hit
  • Kans lack an anchoring system and move with the water
  • Difficult to throw

Instruction to Play Kan Jam

If you have two players in two teams, then you need to set up your Kans about fifty feet from one another. One member from each team is going to be standing by both Kans, almost like how you play Corn Hole. The thrower who has the disc will throw it towards the Kan, and the deflector, which is another partner, will stand in front of them.

  • The Dinger: A Dinger occurs when the Thrower throws the disc, and it hits the Kan. 1 point.
  • The Deuce: The Deuce happens when the Thrower throws the disc, and the Deflector deflects the disc so that it hits the Kan. Suppose you say “taken a deuce” to the thrower and the deflector, then it is wrong, and two points add.
  • The Bucket: When the thrower throws, and the deflector deflects, but the disc goes into the Kan, then it is called Bucket. The team will get three points.
  • Instant Win: If the Thrower manages to land the disc inside the Kan without any help from his other partner, then it is an instant win. If you throw the disk into the front slot or the top of the Kan. Here, the team will win the match.

The goal of Kan Jam is to urge to 21 points without going over or under. If you’re going to go over 21 after your latest throw, the points are instead from your score.

If you’re playing Kan Jam 1v1, then the scoring looks a bit different:

You and your opponent will each stand by Kans opposite one another. If you throw and hit the Kan, you earn 2 points. If it goes in through the highest of the Kan, you earn 3 points. Once you or your opponent have 20 points, the only thanks to winning are to throw the disc through the highest of the Kan. And throwing the disc through the front slot an instant, then you got the win.

Rules of Kan Jam

Kan Jam Review
Kan Jam Review


Every game has its own rules and regulations. Kan Jam’s rules are quite short and sweet. They are not very hard. Easy to grasp that you can be a walking rule book in under a minute. These rules are official rules of Kan Jam, but anyone can change it according to their wish.

  • Teams flip the disc and call heads or tails to visualize who goes first. The team that goes last has an advantage since they can decide what they will do with their final throw if the other team to go reaches 21 first (this team can prefer to try to holdup the sport or choose the moment Win). Going second is referred to as having “The Hammer.”
  • Each team has one throw per round. When two of the team have finished their throw, one round is over.
  • If both teams reach 21 within the same round, the sport goes into overtime. During overtime, each player throws once, and the team with the highest score after everyone has thrown wins. Overtime can be replaced if both of the team has an equal score.
  • Kans should be placed approx fifty feet apart. If you are playing the game in water, then the length needs to be sixteen feet far from each team.
  • Players cannot cross the front of the Kan when they are throwing or deflecting. If the front of the Kan is crossed, the points from the throw are negated by the players.
  • No team can have the “carrying.” A carry occurs when a player catches, pinches, or otherwise grabs the disc. The best way to deflect is to hit the disc at or into the Kan so that no one accuses you of carrying and negates your throw.

Who is Kan Jam for?

Kan Jam was founded by Charles and Mitch in 1990. They were frequently throwing frisbees at a banged-up garbage can. Ever since then, Kan Jam has become an excellent pick for a celebration game. There is no age limit for it. Anyone who can toss a frisbee can give Kan jam ago. It is a great game for anyone. Ever since then, Kan Jam has become a great pick for a party game.

The Necessary of Kan Jam Accessories

Kan Jam does have some packages that are sold with optional accessories. Sometimes the set has an extra disc, sometimes another Kan, and sometimes the accessory is having an American red, white, and blue themed set. But the most common accessory is the glow dark add on. Most people ask about this accessory. If you are asking for this accessory, then you will get two Kans, a frisbee with an attached LED light, and LED lights that you can put inside Kans to light them up from the outside. These lights can change colors and come with a remote to turn them on/off or to change the intensity of the light. The night time is perfect for playing with this set.

Kan Jam Variations

There are a couple of variations of this set. If you are thinking of a small indoor game for us, then you can use the mini or splash set instead of a disc. The rules will be the same, but hitting the ball midair will be more challenging. If you’ve got the full-size Kan Jam set and a football, you’ll play something like an actual football between the 2 Kans. There is also an official version of Kan Jam hardcourt on this. But the rules are a little complex than necessary. If you’re playing a football-ish version of Kan Jam, be at liberty to combine and match the principles of how you prefer them. Institute a no-tackling rule or a rule that the ball-carrier has to be tackled.

The Objects of the Dimensions of assembled Kan Jam

  • Original: The frisbee is 11 inches across, and Kans is 20 inches tall, 12 inches across.
  • Mini: The frisbee is 4 inches across, and Kans is 9.125 inches tall, 5.75 inches across.
  • Splash: The frisbee is 4 inches across, Kans is 8.7 inches tall, 6.3 inches across.

Conclusion: Kan Jam Review

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For a fun, lighthearted, and sometimes crazy game is Kan Jam. It is easy to play. It might be fit for every age. Anyone can enjoy it both inside and outdoor. Check out the options before buying it. It allows several people (or just two) to spend time together, grow bonds, and celebrate outdoors. So why are you wasting time? Go buy a set of Kan Jam and enjoy your vacations with your family?

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