Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas: Creative DIY Ideas to Organize Perfectly

Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

Innovative Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas: Outdoor toys always create a mess all over the house, whether their way out of the storage bin and across our yard. It’s an endless battle to keep anything tidy around kids! This is a big challenge. So with some creativity and some basic DIY skills, you can create a range of storage that safely hides your kids’ toys. They’ll enjoy playing in the garden but also have space to store each toy.

Some outdoor toy storage ideas include both indoor and external options, which bring calm to your garden chaos and family organization.

Innovative Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas To Decorate Your Backyard:

1. Parking garage

Starting with the coolest idea: a kid’s parking garage! Whether your kid enjoys riding their first bike or has several ride-on toys, you’ll know storing them can be a pain. So parking garage is a great way to keep your kids’ toys out of your yard and packed way, but it’s also a great way to protect them from the sun, making them last longer. You can check out some DIY. All you need to create this DIY parking garage are a few simple and inexpensive materials from your local hardware store. It would also be super fun to switch out the beige curtains for curtains in a fun color or pattern that matches the backyard.

2. Outdoor Toy Bins

These Outdoor Toy Bins are a great way to organize toys and are fantastic for the porch, garage, or backyard. The chalkboard labels are a great design feature, as they look good and can be easily changed. Use stick-on chalkboard decals or make the labels yourself using some chalkboard paint. It also makes clean up easy for your kids!

3. Stackable Wheelie Toy Bins

Storing toys in stackable and wheelie containers isn’t new. However, trying this idea outside can work great. Made from non-toxic and tasteless plastic. This holds an impressive 70 Kg of toys and the lid clips in place. It’s best to divide toys into types and fill each plastic container. This makes tidying your garden easy as you can wheel out only the box your kids want to use while safely storing the rest. As long as the lid is clipped into place, you can leave them outside without damaging any of the toys inside. Plus, they stack, taking up minimal space in the home or garage.

4. Racks for Buckets

Arranging toys in boxes by type is nothing new but works just as well outside. And if each container is labeled, the kids have no excuses not to return items! You can check on Amazon for a shelf rack on wheels, which ideal as it’s robust and can easily be moved in and out of the garage. To encourage good habits, we’ll label each bucket with a sticker and so try to create a good organizational system from the start! As the bucket themselves are lightweight, kids can easily remove one and play with its contents.

When play is over, or they want to move on to a new game, then they can gather up the toys back into the bucket and replace them on the rack.

5. Organizing Outdoor Toys

This DIY idea will take your yard from messy to manicured. It’s simple, cheap, and easy for kids to use. Getting the backyard toys off the ground and into child-height containers makes the yard look way tidier.

6. Custom Garage racking

One of the best ideas is to build a custom storage wall in the garage for all of your garden toys and stuff. Not only does this keeps mess to a minimum, but it also means every item has a place. A room for ride-on toys on the bottom, as well as multiple shelves to store toys in plastic containers. With everything labeled, there’s no excuse not to return boxes or toys to there is a designated slot.

7. Ball Storage

This Ball Storage is a fantastic way to keep organized if you have a sporty family, and it’s seriously cheap and easy to install. This is very cheap in price and a marvelous storage unit for holding all of their soccer, volleyball, and basketballs. which is mind-blowing.

8. Rolling Storage Cart

From Shanty 2 Chic, that rolling storage cart is great for all kinds of outdoor toys and sports equipment. You can also customize it to suit your family’s personal storage needs. A large bungee cord compartment is perfect for various balls, the pegboard is a great spot to hang baseball gloves and helmets, and the shorter shelf is great for storing various smaller pieces.

9. Toy Caddies

These toy caddies are the perfect outdoor toy storage idea, especially if your kids are just learning to read. They can practice reading and cleaning up, and organizing at the same time. You can also easily change the chalk signs when you switch out backyard toys throughout the summer season.

10. Storage Bench

You can make a nice sized storage bench for all your outdoor toys and other items. It looks fantastic, and you can fit a lot of things there. Otherwise, this kind of bench is available on Amazon.

11. Parking Lot

 Use colored masking tape, mark out individual slots for each toy or bike. Next, either take photos of each item or create a drawing. With each image, laminate it and hang it on the wall in front of where that particular item fits. Your kids can easily select a ride-on toy yet know exactly where it lives.

12. Large Toy Storage Bins

Outdoor toys just keep piling up in our backyard. Between sports equipment, water guns, pool toys, and bikes, our garage is looking more and more like an elementary school gym! These Large Toy Storage Bins are a great storage solution for families like ours.

13. Pool-side Pallet

Another pool theme storage idea comes from Donna at Funky Junk Interiors. Using a pallet, some screws, and hooks, you can create a fantastic way to store pool noodles and toys.

14. Pool Towel and Toy Racks

This is an awesome summer hack and will make poolside organization a whole lot easier. This DIY Pool Towel and Toy Rack won’t require any DIY skills. For this need a rack, some baskets, and some hooks.

15. Pegboard Organizer

This pegboard idea gives the garage an organized look for storing outdoor toys. Everything is orderly and in its place. All toys can hang on the pegboard orderly.

16. Buckets on Fence

This is most likely our lowest-tech outdoor toy storage idea! Simply screw a few hooks into your fence and hang a durable plastic bucket from each hook. When playtime is over, encourage your kids to fill the buckets with toys and then move them inside. This is the simplest way to organize your kids’ toys yet keep them within easy reach.

17. Dirty Toys and Clothes

Keeping kids from bringing dirt inside almost always seems impossible! One way to minimize dirty toys, clothes, and shoes making their way into your clean house is to hang a mesh storage basket (available on Amazon) to the wall next to your back door.

Your kids can dump anything dirty in the basket while keeping your home clean and tidy!

18. Sandbox Toy Organization

There are so many great ideas for Sandbox Toy Organization and sandbox play ideas here, but my favorite is the idea of using old metal planters as storage containers for the sandbox toys.

19. Gun Storage

Kids have a ton of guns, and that needs to be organized. You can use pegboard and single straight hooks and double straight hooks on that. And hang up all your guns on the board.

20. Floating Toy Storage

As more and more people in the UK have swimming pools, it’s only fair that we include a practical toy solution. Enter the floating pool noodle toy bin! I took a small plastic tub, a pool noodle, and some string and created a floating storage solution.

21. Sports Equipment Organizer

2 tier wall mounted sports storage rack, which is available on Amazon with space for footballs, helmets, rackets, jackets, and more, you can easily organize all your sports equipment in minutes. Made from iron, the design uses two parts, which can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on your space. Simply drill and screw into your wall, then arrange your sports gear.

22. Homemade Water Play

If your kids love to play with water, but you don’t have space for a paddling pool, then try this cool idea. Use a large plastic storage tub, cooler or large buckets, add water and some toys. Done, you’ve built a fantastic water table. This water bucket is intended for older preschool-aged children under the constant supervision of an adult.

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23. Toy Storage Behind Garage Door

Have some unused space in your garage behind the garage door? Then install some amazing shelving units and organized toys on them.

24. Backyard Toy Pantry

On a shelf painted the inside door with green chalkboard paint. Keep toys orderly and write them on board, respectively. With a name, keep count on them.

25. Outdoor Bike Storage

Make a tent to keep bicycles, gardening tools, pool equipment, kids’ toys, and other outdoor gear dry and accessible.

Conclusion: How to Decorate Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas?

I hope you find some great ideas for Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas. Choose the ideas wisely which your kids like the best and look organized in your garden and family.

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